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Credit Money Machine Net


Credit Money Machine Net

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File size: 37.7 Mb
Platform: Vista, Windows, Mobile
License: Shareware
Price: $9999.00
Downloads: 193
Date added: 2009-03-16
Publisher: Idea2 s.c

Credit Money Machine Net description

Credit Money Machine Net offers an effective tool which includes Loan Modification Software and Debt Settlement Center. Our software is designed for Credit Repair Professionals or a as Home Business Opportunity to enter into this lucrative industry. Ideal for Credit Counselors, Credit Repair Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Accountants, Car Dealers, Debt Consolidators or anyone who want to open a Repair Credit.

Additionally is a Complete Business Solution with Advanced Marketing Platform. Includes: Internet Form Filler, Follow up System, Tracking of Marketing Campaigns, Invoicing, Products and Inventory but more importantly,a Templates Manager system alreayd populated to repair credit but with unlimited capabilities, a Gateway Interaction System (to charge credit cards with practically all credit card gateways), a Parse System (to import the impossible-to-import), an Email Extraction System, a F.A.Q System (Frequently Asked Question System for support & training) a Free Form System (to organize everything from Passwords, to Health Tips), a Personal Agenda (so you dont mix you own affairs with clients), Scripts System (for telemarketing purposes, price list and more), Email System (replaces Outlook), a Payment/Commissions System (use it if you have affiliates or you are affiliate in any program and for all kinds of commissions, even recurrent ones), Follow-Up System to track everything you send or expect to receive in the future, Voice Recording and Playing (records phone conversations with ease) a Virtual Persona System (so you can use the program with unlimited companies at the same time, ideal if you have several small companies) and much, much more.

How It Works

  1. First, you enter the client's information in the Contact Information Section including Social Security, DOB, Credit Card number, etc. You can do this manually or have them entered automatically from forms in your website and other sources.
    • Usually, you won't need to enter into the Templates Manager -- the section where all Letters of Disputes are contained --, but certainly, you should be acquaintance with the contents of those letters, you can modify, duplicate or create unlimited letters under unlimited categories in the Template Manager section.
  2. Second, you enter into the Dispute Center (the Dispute Center integrates all parts of the Disputes.) In here you will select:
    • the dispute description from a list (you can add unlimited descriptions,
    •  the Creditor also from a list, (it comes prep-populated but you can , add unlimited Creditors),
    • select the Letter Template to use (also from a list), and most importantly,
    • you will set up the schedule of the Dispute (you are not supposed to send them all at one time)  by doing this the program updates you daily which disputes are due to print for that day and you simply click a button to print them all.
    • You can also print the letters' envelopes from this section.
    • You can include several disputes in the same letter if you wish.
  3. Once you print the Disputes several things happen automatically :
    • First, the Disputes are sent to the Client's History area so you always know what has been printed for a certain customer.
    • Second, the Disputes are sent to the Client's Progress area, from here they can be posted with one click to your own domain on the Internet. This way, your clients have access 24/7 to check the progress status of their cases. This feature can be used for other related business, like reporting status of Mortgages, Real estate deals, Debt Consolidation, etc.
    • Third, the disputes are sent, automatically, to the Follow-Up section. Here you track the compliance from creditors and Credit Bureaus. This way you will be able to monitor always if a Credit Bureau has responded on time and act accordingly to each dispute. Also in this section you can check if a Certified Mail has been delivered by simply entering the tracking number into a special tracking field and clicking the Action Button.
  4. Additionally, if you offer a payment plan to your clients, you can use the Receivables System to control recurrent payments with ease.
  5. You can use the Payables System to control the commissions to be paid from sales and/or  referral people which are logged automatically based on paid invoices.
  6. Credit Money Machine offers still much more than this including:
    • A powerful framework to market direct to your clients,
    • Complete Invoicing,
    • Payables and Receivables System
    • Provides easy, integrated, personalized and effective E-mailing,
    • Develop efficient Lead Generation,
    • Superior Prospecting,
    • Exclusive One-Click-Multi-Task Scheduling,
    • Internet Domains Manager,
    • Print Checks and Drafts on blank paper
    • Offers Bank Reconciliation
    • Unlimited Credit Cards Reconciliation
    • Plus Agents' Timer Task-Punch-Clock

Major Benefits:

  1. Complete Solution : Actually, Credit Money Machine is not a credit repair program but a Complete Credit Repair Business Solution with an Advanced Marketing Platform designed to run a successful credit repair company part or full-time.
  2. Save Time : With timesaving features like: Credit Report Importing In-One-Click and Automatic Setting of all Letters, Descriptions and Dispute Types, in 10 seconds or less, save you Hours a Day in comparison to other software.
  3. Full Training : You can become an expert in no time thanks to our Comprehensive One-On-One-Live-Training not only in the use of the program but also in Advanced Credit Repair Techniques including Special Letters and Insider Information.
  4. More For Your Money : You get more without paying for it; Credit Money Machine includes: Invoicing, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Check and Draft Writing, Bank Reconciliation, Charge of Credit Cards, Integrated Telemarketing System, Integrated E-mail System, Tracking of Marketing Campaigns and much more...
  5. The Best Software Of Its Kind : Whether you are a successful credit repair company, a broker eager to close more loans or an entrepreneur looking for the perfect high-profit business opportunity, Credit Money Machine Net is the best credit repair business solution you can get at any price.

Major Features:

    • Comes pre-populated with all the templates (letters) that you need to repair credit successfully as a business including a Service Contract Sample. Also, allows you to create unlimited categories and then, unlimited letters via merging your customer data automatically allowing you to e-mail, EFAX or print. You may also use the templates manager to create e-mails for marketing campaigns, letters, etc. It interacts with five databases at the same time so you can merge fields from those five databases in the same letter (Credit Bureaus, Creditors, Contacts, My Company and Disputes).
    • This is the heart of your Credit Repair Business and it will let you enter all aspects of your dispute including, Description (select or enter your own), Account ID, Amount, Credit Bureau, Creditor, Template and most importantly your own schedule strategy . All this can be done by point and click from the Credit Report area (where you paste the credit report.) Press a button and select ALL disputes from ALL clients due to print. Print them and they will be sent to the Follow-Up System (explained later) and to the Clients Progress Status area. You can print ALL disputes from ALL clients in one click or even enter several disputes in one letter if desired. Also prints the envelopes either to Credit Bureaus or to Creditors.
    • With one click create unique web pages that reports your client's status to you web server. You do not need to install anything in your web server; nothing, zero, nada, zip --- simply click a button and all pages from active clients will be created. Then click another button to send access links to your clients. Additionally, report the case status by e-mail if you wish.  Use it for your other businesses too.
    • It is now a breeze to assign contacts to invoices and populate the fields in one click. Select products and populate products fields with one click too. Also create service invoices with ease. Additionally you can interact with your invoices in many areas of the program. Do difficult queries with ease and then filter contacts that match the invoice query for Marketing purposes. For example, you can select invoices where you sold a product to clients four month ago and older but not within the last 4 months and then select contacts that match this criteria to send a series of emails (automatically) with an special offer. Charge Credit Cards directly from the Invoice System.
    • Offer a completely integrated E-mail System that replaces Outlook with many advantages. See all e-mails Sent, Received and linked from a Customer with just one click in one place. You can Apply Rules and automate processes such as Anti spam Rules and Deletion of e-mails in server based on rules. Attach Private Notes to E-mails. Edit E-mails received in the actual message. Change the status of e-mails one by one or in batches. Add a contact to the database with one click. Link E-mail to contacts. Classify E-mails in groups (one or many groups). See E-mail headers with one click. Find e-mail through an integrated Search System. Combine E-mails. Create Account Defaults for Signature, Subject, Group and Attachments. Powerful Rules Manager helps in many ways. Form Parsing allows adding contacts and populating fields automatically. Also interacts with our own Automessenger system (like an Autoresponder on steroids)
    • This section is like an autoresponder on steroids, it e-mails sequences of templates with automatic personalization. A special feature is the ability to assign unlimited AutoMessenger to contacts with its own specific schedules.
    • Work your telemarketing efforts with ease. Select groups of clients to call and call them one by one. Record your clients conversations in the Script Screen and play script recorded messages for a consistent enthusiastic message over and over. With 20 specific programmable one click check marks allows you a fast and accurate evaluation of the contact status. Then you can analyze the data for selected contacts with one click.
    • Know, at a glance the Value of your Customer. Assign your own evaluation criteria or use the default one provided. Select a group of Clients and see them perform against the average. Those that are not worth your valuable time and efforts can now be dealt with in a different manner, even deciding to let them go as clients.
    • Control recurrent payments with ease. Charge credit cards directly from the Receivables System or create a Check Draft to pay for a receivables with just one click. You can created Recurrent Payments for any amount of time and any number. Additionally, it works automatically with the Invoice System, so a receivables will be created when an Invoice is for better control. Set it up and you'll always know what your client's owe you.
    • Control recurrent commissions with ease. You can create Checks directly from the payables system to pay for payables. The Payables System interacts automatically with the Invoice System and assigns commission when the invoice is paid as appropriate. You can have unlimited levels of commissions.
    • If you have more than one company you can use the My Company Manager to impersonate a different entity when doing invoices, etc. Allows multiple identities (referring to your clients) when dealing with various creditors.
    • The "Drivers Seat" has all options in plain sight.
    • Find anything with ease... and we mean it. As opposed to other software that forces you to go through many steps just to perform the simplest of searches, our program takes a direct approach. First, you click on the FIND button (which is always in plain view, or use its shortcut: Control+4). Then, you type any word or combinations of words. The program will look in the Name, Company, Phone Numbers, E-mails, URL, Keywords, Products, Referrals and Related fields in one pass, presenting the results immediately. Most importantly, the order of words does not change the result (even spanning fields, where John Smith, with his occupation as "realtor", can be found using "John", "Smith John", or even "John Real"). Additionally, the program saves your latest keyword searches, so it is just a matter of selecting from a pull-down list and pressing enter to find something. For advanced searches, you can perform a Full Find, which can use Boolean logic if desired. The shortcut Control+4 is available in other sections of the program for a consistent, fast and zero-frustration experience. You can link unlimited documents to each client (Word files, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, images, etc)
      • Sixty One-Click-Groups are available. Also, use Memorize Groups for frequently used groups. On-The-Fly Groups makes complex selections a breeze. TO-DO Groups when you need to work on batches. Look for Maps based on your Customers address and save them in the program.
      •  Check for Duplicates with ease. Use specific Snippets in many fields of your Contact database for consistent entries. Even compare side-by-side contacts and move data from one to the other.
      • Dial Phone Numbers with just one click (and see more than just numbers).
      • Select E-mail Templates to send to a Customer with one click. Instant Filtering based on content.
      • Navigate your database with ease, including sorting in Form View. Record Notes in your own Voice, and Playing them back.
      •  Validate Credit Cards and Charge them from the Contact Screen Use Default Labels for your User Defined Fields and still be able to change them
      •  See your Contact Information in many ways in the same screen.
    • Keep track of documents sent, due dates and more. Track not only documents, but many other items as well. Select all Follow-Ups of a particular Contact or see them all together. Check tracking numbers from UPS, PSPS, FedEx, DHL and much more. Color coded by status for easy viewing at a glance.
    • Track Your Marketing Campaigns with ease. See, at a glance the status of your campaigns. Know if your campaigns are profitable or not. Assign Shortcuts to your Marketing Issues.
    • Enter unlimited Marketing Strategies under unlimited categories. Use this section to control and organize your marketing strategies under different categories like, Internet, Magazines, Networking. etc.
    • Your own Customer Support System. Merge Contacts and Company fields for personalized support. Give customer support from voice recordings. Add unlimited Canned Answers under unlimited categories for fast reliable support.
    • Comes pre-populated with information from the Law to tip and tricks of the trade to ways to improved credit even without repairing it Also, use it for Company Manuals, Training Courses, Company Logos, etc. Add unlimited data plus running of related files (Word docs, Excel files, Pictures, etc) with one click.
    • A real combination of ingenuity and simplicity. The Contacts task scheduler allows you to assign contacts with unlimited tasks and their in-between-days schedules with one click or add different tasks one click at a time or manually as well. Once the first task is complete, the next one is rescheduled automatically. This powerful feature allows assigning of complete marketing strategies of diverse nature with one click. Also if you miss one task, the rest gets reschedule automatically.
    • All e-mail templates sent, EFAXs or printed reports plus completed tasks are logged in the history tab automatically (plus you may add anything manually) then, is takes just a click to e-mail to some or all your sales force a special report with full histories of their clients. This can be extended to all levels (like manager, distributor, agent -> client etc..)
    • Fill in Internet forms from data in your Contacts database. Multiple uses and Unlimited capabilities.
    • Dont buy checks anymore, print them in blank paper available anywhere. Use recurrent checks to pay your payroll. Create recurrent Check Draft to charge your customers every month for a installment plan for example. Maintain unlimited Bank Accounts and Credit Card Account. Use the included reconciliation system to check the validity of your banks or credit card statements. It will tell you with words of any problems in your reconciliation.
    • Maintain all kinds of lists under control (Passwords, URLs, Keywords, Music files, Pictures, Documents, E-mails, etc). Free Forms also tracks unlimited User Defined Fields by means of its link capabilities. Its unique Action Buttons perform many functions in one. Every record of a Virtual Folder has an Action Button.. Action Buttons act differently based on the content in the field without further user intervention. For example: if the field content is an e-mail, clicking on the Action Button will open the integrated E-mail System; if the content is a URL, it will open your browser on that web page; if a phone number, it will try to dial the number through your TAPI system; if you precede a URL with the word GRAB then it will get that web page from the Internet and either save it on your hard drive or in your Windows clipboard for further use; if you precede your content with an equal sign (=), it will act as a calculator, ideal for quick checkbook balances; if you have a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other file, it will open your document in the correct application. Plus, if you have an MP3 or WAV, it will play directly; if you have an image file address, it will open; if you have a contact ID, it will jump to that contact. Finally, you can use it to perform direct searches in Google. A very worthy tool indeed. . . Search Google from previously selected keyword list. Use it as a slide show or Image Catalog Use one field for different purposes. Export Contacts that you do not use too often using Free Forms (allowing you to control unlimited unrelated databases). You can Record and Manage all your Phone conversations if desired.
    • Charge your Customers Credit Cards from the program. Use multiple merchant account gateways. A setup-free merchant account is provided.
    • Extract Information (parse) from E-mails or any text. Use the Parsing System automatically in the E-mail System as part of its Rules Manager or manually in the Contacts section. Allows you to grab information and integrate it into your database without the traditional data input required.
    • Allows you to record Messages and Phone Conversations. Play Messages merged on an actual Phone conversation (special electronics provided). Plays MP3 and other formats directly.
    • Keep your personal and business affairs separate. Do not mix your affairs with your clients. Find any word in the Personal Agenda with ease. Look for Groups of Messages. Use powerful recurrence events, even by the hour. View all your Personal Notes in one place if desired in spite of date. Update old TO-DOs with a click. Use powerful Action Buttons within the Agenda. Use Snippets to ease your work some more.
    • Maintain your frequent or family numbers handy. Dial automatically with one click. Export from / to the Contact database with one click. Link Phonebooks records to Contacts in the main database. Make use of assignably Groups Buttons for speed.
    • Backup your files to your domain server and do not pay for a backup server.
    • Include a fully integrated full-featured Domain Manager System. If you have more than one domain you need this to keep track of all the important information relating to your domains such as passwords, hosting account information, server panel and much more.
    • Many useful Reports are provided with an ingenious display for easy selections including three reports where you select the fields you want to display or print.
    • Import and Export to different formats including excel. Very easy to import from other formats.
    • For all your conversions needs, a complete system is included.
    • Yes, there is still so much more including E-mail Extraction Tool and the list goes on.
    • If you have read this far isnt it time to download your own version to try out free and see how effectively and efficiently you can start building your own Credit Repair business from scratch or increase its efficiency many times.
  • Loan Modification
  • Debt Settlement Center
  • Disputes Center
  • Templates Manager
  • Budget Center
  • Amortization Center
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Checks Writing
  • Advertising Center
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • Virtual Cabinet
  • Charge or Credit Cards
  • Domains Manager
  • Email System
  • Telemarketing System.


  • 512 MB or 1GB  RAM
  • 100 MB HD
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