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File size: 5.6 Mb
Platform: Windows
License: Shareware
Price: $229.00
Downloads: 152
Date added: 2009-03-16
Publisher: Greenview Data

VEDIT 6.13.1 description

VEDIT 6.13.1 is a powerful tool to edit any text, data, binary file in ASCII, Hex or EBCDIC; even 100+ Gigabyte files. VEDIT - VEDIT quickly edits absolutely any file up to 2 Gigabytes (2000 Megabytes). It includes 750+ pages of documentation and extensive on-line help. The powerful "off the cuff" macro language lets you automate editing tasks, create your own editing functions and fully utilize VEDIT's features. The Windows version is a 32-bit program for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Originally created in 1980* as the first programmer's editor, VEDIT has evolved into a unique multi-function tool that effortlessly handles all of your routine, tricky and huge file editing needs Today, VEDIT has every advanced feature you need, is easy to use, can quickly edit any file and is fully programmable. With our 23 year track record and continuous development, it's the last editor you will ever need. Our commitment to the best possible technical support ensures that you will be happy with VEDIT in every way.

VEDIT can perform a global search/replace with thousands of occurrences in just 50% more time than it takes your computer to simply copy the file! This is true even if you are editing a 2000 Megabyte file and only have 4 megs of memory. For example, to open a huge 100 megabyte file, perform a search/replace with 2 million occurrences and close the file takes only 10 seconds with a 2 Ghz CPU.)

Major Benefits:

  1. VEDIT is Ideal for All Editing:
    • Perfect for programming
    • Fast, easy editing of any Windows, DOS, UNIX or Mac text files
    • ASCII, EBCDIC, binary (hex) files
    • Translating, converting, clean-up (C-like macro language)
    • Flexible, multi-key sorting
    • Automation - the #1 VEDIT feature for many customers
  2. Quickly edit huge, tricky files:
    • Database, log, mainframe files
    • Binary, control & graphics chars
    • Fast, flexible, multi-key sorting
    • Regular VEDIT: up to 2 Gigabytes
    • VEDIT Pro64: unlimited size!
    • Lines with 100,000+ columns
  3. Mainframe to PC conversion:
    • EBCDIC/ASCII conversion
    • Support packed, binary fields, etc.
    • Variable and fixed-length records
    • Use COBOL "copy-books"
    • Convert the toughest files
    • Optional contract services - "turnkey" solutions available - 3480/3490e tape conversion

Major Features:

  1. Fast, Flexible Editing of Any Text/Data File
    • Edit absolutely any text, data or binary file up to 2 Gigabytes (2000 Megabytes) in size, even with a minimum amount of memory. VEDIT Pro64 edits even 100+ Gigabyte files.
    • Efficiently edit database, mainframe, Postscript, plotter, executable .EXE and other non-standard files. Supports unlimited line lengths and fixed-length records.
    • Stunning speed. Written in hand-optimized assembly language, only VEDIT has the speed to realistically edit huge files, such as 500+ megabyte files for a CD-ROM or DVD. (A search/replace with many occurrences takes only about twice as long as it takes Windows to just copy the file.)
    • Multiple file editing. Simultaneously edit up to 100 files, each up to 2 Gigabytes in size. Instantaneous switching between files.
    • Flexible windowing.(Using "MDI" style windows.)Any file can be viewed in any window, or different parts of one file can be displayed in separate windows. Windows can be tiled, cascaded or zoomed.
    • File modes support Windows/DOS, UNIX and Macintosh text files, fixed-length records and 16/64 characters per line for easier binary and hex editing.
    • Multi-mode display.Each window can display in five different ASCII modes, hexadecimal, octal or EBCDIC, or split the window to view a file in multiple modes at once.
    • Overwrite-only mode for editing critical database and binary files, whose size must not change.
    • Fast browse-only mode to prevent accidental changes, and for quickly searching/navigating CD-ROM and other read-only files.
    • Stream, column and line blocks. VEDIT has every type of block operation imaginable.
      • Blocks can be directly moved or copied, or 100 scratch-pad buffers can be used for extensive "cut and paste" operations. Blocks can be copied from one file to another.
      • Search/replace within a block, even within columnar blocks.
      • Convert blocks to upper/lower/switch case, fill blocks with spaces, strip high bits and much more.
      • Easily delete columns or insert an empty columnar block.
      • A highlighted block can be saved to a file; great for splitting a large file into smaller parts.
      • Full clipboard support for exchanging blocks of text with other Windows programs. The clipboard can optionally be inserted as a columnar block.
      • "Persistent" blocks can be enabled or disabled.
    • Especially powerful, flexible search and replace.
      • Use ultra-fast and intuitive pattern matching (with wildcards) or UNIX style "regular expressions".
      • Both "minimized" and "maximized" regular expressions are supported.
      • Forward and reverse searching, selective and global replace.
      • Incremental search - searches with every key pressed.
      • Search for any character, including Null, Newlines, control and graphics characters.
      • Search string can be specified in ASCII, EBCDIC, hex, octal or decimal values.
      • Search for upper/lower case is language and font sensitive.
      • Search all open files or compare two files.
      • Open all files that match a search string.
      • WILDFILE macro can perform a search/replace on entire groups of files (e.g. "*.c") in one directory or even in all subdirectories. Automatically search/replace hundreds or thousands of files.
      • Search/replace is powerful enough to perform many conversions - eliminating the need for macros or custom programs.
    • Flexible Tab character support. The key can enter a tab character or spaces to the next tab stop. All tabs in a block/file can be de-tabbed to spaces or a block/file can be re-tabbed. (The de-tabbing/re-tabbing is smart and doesn't change quoted strings.) Fully adjustable tab stops.
    • Flexible printing with variable margins and page size. Print a block of text or the entire file with variable spacing. The PRINT macro adds a convenient header (file name, date, and page number).
    • ASCII table permits inserting any desired control, graphic or special character.
    • Horizontal scrolling for editing long lines. Optionally, long lines can be wrapped onto multiple screen lines so that you can see the entire line at once.
    • Word processing. Word wrap, paragraph formatting between adjustable margins, optional justification, printing. (Does not enter any "special" control characters into the text.)
    • Undo and Redo. Up to 1000 of the most recent edit changes can be reversed either step by step or line by line. Deleted text can be re-inserted in its original position or anywhere else. Each redo reverses the last undo.
    • Auto-save of files. Automatically saves all modified files after a configurable number of minutes. Helps prevent losing your work due to power failures, etc.
    • Edit session save/restore lets you resume editing the same files later. Everything is restored as when you last exited VEDIT.
  2. Easy to Use, Fully Configurable
    • Extensive menu system provides easy access to editing functions. "Hot-keys" provide instant access to the most common functions. Hot-keys are fully configurable and displayed in the menus. If desired, you can work entirely from the keyboard, without needing the mouse.
    • Custom editing functions can be added to the {Tools} and {User} menus.
    • Numerous well-designed dialog boxes simplify editing.
    • Great on-line help. Each dialog box has extensive context sensitive help. The general help topics include several hundred pages of detailed information; it both duplicates and expands upon the manuals. Over a thousand "hyperlinks" and indexes let you quickly find information.
    • Recall and edit previously used commands, file names and search strings.
    • Rich array of cursor movements and edit functions; flexible [REPEAT].
    • Fully configurable keyboard layout. The "normal" keyboard layout closely emulates popular Windows products, e.g. Microsoft Word (tm) and Visual Studio (tm). Or choose a very compatible WordStar, WordPerfect or Brief layout. Or configure your own layout.
    • Unlimited keystroke macros. Allows hot-key access to menu functions and the creation of custom editing functions. A "recorder" learns new keystroke macros while you edit, or directly edit the keyboard layout. New keystroke macros can be temporary or added to the keyboard layout.
    • Totally configurable with over 250 parameters.
      • VEDIT can be configured using menus or with easily edited vedit.cfg and vedit.key files.
      • Different cursor movement modes and many emulation modes can closely mimic other editors and word processors. Options control how the , and keys work and much more. For example, VEDIT can emulate how the and keys work in Brief (tm) or WordPerfect (tm).
      • Configurable tab-fill, "newline" and "null" display characters, cursor types, colors, etc.
      • Auto-configures to the type of file being edited, .C, .TXT, .HTML, .JAVA, etc.
    • Network installation. VEDIT can be installed on a network server and shared by all licensed users. Only a few user configuration files are installed on each user's workstation.
  3. Advanced Features
    • "Newline" conversion. Easily convert between Windows/DOS (CR+LF), UNIX (LF only) and Macintosh (CR only) text files. Convert the newline characters in the entire file or just within a highlighted block.
    • File translating.&Each character in a block or an entire file can be translated according to a custom translate table.&Tables for translating between ASCII and EBCDIC, and between IBM PC and ANSI (Windows) graphics characters are supplied.
    • Sort a block or entire file using a selected field (columns) as the "sort key". Both variable length and fixed length records are supported. Sort macro sorts multiple-line records, e.g. a typical list of mailing addresses into alphabetic order.
    • Easily edit/view dBase and xBase files. Automatically sets the record size and header size according to the current .DBF file. Also displays the table structure with all field names, types and sizes identified.
    • Hex editing. Hot-key toggle to view any file in split-window hex and ASCII. Directly enter hex values into the file; search/replace by hex values.
    • Print in Hex. Displayed hex characters are actually printed out as displayed "on screen". EBCDIC files can be printed in ASCII.
    • All versions, including the Windows version, can be run from batch files and scripts. Filenames, options and macros can be specified from the command line. Macros can be run in "quiet" mode without displaying VEDIT on the screen.
    • WILDFILE macro can perform a search/replace on entire groups of files (e.g. "*.c") in one directory or even in all subdirectories. E.g. search all files on your disk using pattern matching. Can also run a custom macro on the entire group of files.
    • File comparison macro. Display the differences between two files and lets you merge/edit them in any way desired. The macro can re-align the files and then continue looking for further differences. After finding where revisions were made, you can copy blocks of text from one file to the other.
    • Directory comparison macro. Compares two directories and displays which files are the same, different or unique.
  4. For Programmers
    • Easy-to-use, flexible support for popular compilers and assemblers.
      • All functions are accessed from the configurable {Tools} menu.
      • Automatically positions cursor at errors in source code. Hot-keys for "Previous error", "Next error", and "Re-compile".
      • Integrates tools from different vendors, including Microsoft and Borland "make".
      • Supports the needs of different projects in different directories.
      • Supports most Microsoft, Borland, Lahey, Realia, SDS, SVC, Watcom and other compilers.
      • Compiler support written in the macro language; custom compilers can be supported.
      • New - Java SDK support; easily switch between another compiler and Java.
    • Flexible color syntax highlighting. Syntax definition files supplied for C, Basic, Clipper, Pascal, HTML, Java, Perl, SQL, Assembler, Systat and other languages. Custom color syntax definition files are easily created for other languages and non-programming applications using smart, powerful pattern matching.
    • Template editing performs shorthand expansion by recognizing a keyword and expanding it to the full text. For C, HTML and Java. E.g. "ife " expands to "if (...) { } else { }" on multiple lines.
    • Automatic indenting simplifies editing of structured programs; advantageous for word processing. Block indent/unindent permits quick restructuring.
    • Match or check nested parentheses () {} [] for C, Pascal, etc.
    • Assembly language support. As assembly language is entered in lower case, labels, op-codes and operands are automatically converted to upper case; comments are left in upper and lower case.
    • Ctags support. Useful when working on a program with many source code files. Place the cursor on any symbol (e.g. a function name) and press a hot-key to open the file in which the symbol is declared.
    • C program outliner. Permits viewing and navigating a C program via its subroutine declarations.
    • User defined macros execute when files are opened or closed. Permits automatic conversion, translation and checking as files are opened and closed. Permits checking files into and out of a version control system.
  5. For Writers and Publishers
    • More powerful text editing than conventional word processors.
    • Adjustable left and right margins; fully adjustable tab stops.
    • Automatic word wrap and paragraph formatting with optional justification. Does not enter any control characters into the text.
    • Text centering.
    • Support for foreign, graphic and special characters.
    • Flexible printing; print the entire file or just a highlighted block. Can print multiple blocks on one page. Adjustable printing left, right, top and bottom margins.
    • Adjustable printer line spacing. Edit with single spacing, but print with double/triple spacing.
    • Easy file conversion from/to WordStar, mainframe and other file types.
    • Optional V-SPELL spelling correction and dictionary hyphenation program.
  6. Complete Operating System Support
    Windows Version:

    • VEDIT and VEDIT Pro64 are optimized for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
    • Small and instant startup. VPW.EXE (550K) is the only file required; no .DLLs. Written mostly in assembly language, remainder in C. (No "bloatware" C++, MFC, or Objects).
    • Modern interface includes toolbar, context menu, status line, MDI windows, Most-Recently-Used file list, extensive mouse support, context menu, rulers, scroll bars, etc.
    • VEDIT can optionally "stay on top" of other Windows programs.
    • Enhanced and much larger file-open dialog box permits seeing more files, opening multiple files, opening in ultra-fast "read-only" mode, setting the record size for fixed-length-record files. Includes history list of recent filename selections.
    • Display files in any desired fixed-width font. Supplied "VEDIT OEM" and "VEDIT Ansi" fonts are exceptionally easy to read and great for editing data files.
    • Supports separate fonts for viewing and printing; edit using a clear "system" font and print in any desired size and type of font.
    • Supports non-english languages - e.g. case conversion for extended characters depending upon the current font (OEM or ANSI).
    • Flexible "shell" commands for running other Windows or DOS programs. Optionally save and close all files, shell to another program, and re-open all files upon returning. History of recent shell commands.
    • Fast, easy, safe installation. Since no .DLLs are used, installation (and un-install) will never affect other programs. Does not change any Windows .INI or other system files.
    • Optionally install VEDIT into Windows registry; but not required! Easily associate any desired filetypes (by filename extension) with VEDIT using DDE.
    • Full installation is less than 3MB. Small enough to be run from a floppy disk; ideal for consultants that visit many clients.
  7. Macro Programming Language
  8. Simplifies otherwise complex and time consuming tasks.
    • Powerful macro language. Automates repetitive editing tasks, and lets you create custom editing functions. Particularly well suited for text processing, formatting, file conversions and translations, and for "filters". A single line macro can often perform the equivalent of a 100+ line C program.
    • C-like macro language can be accessed via a "Command Mode" window - just a keystroke away.
      • Allows instant access to over 250 powerful and flexible commands.
      • Any command line entered is immediately executed - there is no tedious compiling.
      • Permits creating and running macros "off the cuff".
      • Easy to learn. You can watch the effect of each command entered in the editing window(s).
      • On-line calculator. Any algebraic expression, variables can be calculated and displayed in decimal or hex. Easy hex/decimal conversion.
      • Detailed on-line help for each command.
    • Macros can be saved to disk and loaded from disk. Macros can be assigned to function keys or run directly from disk. Macro can be easily edited and then immediately run and tested.
    • Automatically execute macros when the editor is invoked.
    • Create entire applications using the macro language. Macros can be run in "quiet" mode to perform a conversion, translation, or filter without displaying VEDIT on the screen. All files, macros and options can be specified on a command line run from a batch file, script or Windows icon.
    • Many menu functions are implemented as macros which can modified to personal preferences.
    • Event macros. Special macros can be executed for each file opened and closed. Permits automatic file translations or checking a file's integrity before it is saved to disk.
    • On-line macro debugger with breakpoints, single step and backtrace.
    • Libraries of example macros are included; extensive 300+ page documentation.
    • Intuitive macro language with over 250 powerful commands.
      • "C-like" program flow control with While, Do-While, For, If-then, If-then-else, Goto, Break, Continue, and Return statements. Also additional flow control statements not found in C.
      • Complete numerical capability with 32-bit resolution. Complete set of "C-like" numeric, relational, and logical expressions. Over 100 numeric variables.
      • Access over 100 read-only internal variables and parameters.
      • Complete file/buffer management, search, replace and compare, block operations, printing, configuration, access to menu functions, window control, DOS shell, and more.
      • User prompts for string, character and numeric input.
      • Flexible window control, direct cursor positioning to create custom menus and forms.
      • Window create, delete, switch, set color attributes.
      • Call or chain to other macros, supports modular design of macros.
      • Push and pop string and numeric variables.
      • Access to hardware interrupts, memory and I/O ports; load and call machine language routines; programmable sound generation. (Not available under Windows NT.).
  9. Exceptional Value
    • 30 day money-back guarantee.
    • All purchases include a minimum of 3 months of unlimited (within reason) technical support and updates. (VEDIT Deluxe includes 18 months of support and updates)
    • Low cost updates - $50 Software Subscription Plan for 18 months of support and updates.
    • User Discussion conference on our website for support and user-to-user-exchange.
    • Very reasonable multiple copy, network and site license pricing.
    • OEM configurations available.


  • "Flat to CSV" conversion of data files, which adds separators between fields for easier import into spreadsheets and databases. The conversion can be automated. Also "CSV" to Flat" conversion.
  • By default, "Open with VEDIT" is added to the Explorer context (right-click) menu, making it easier to open any file with VEDIT. (This was a frequently requested feature.)
  • "Sort lines & remove dupes" function can remove duplicates from a list of email addresses, data records, etc.
  • Improved Unicode conversion of UTF-16 characters to/from the 8-bit OEM or ANSI character sets.
  • Improved regular expression searching.


  • Windows 95 (2nd Edition,) 98/ME or Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003.
  • (VEDIT 6.1 is a 32-bit Windows program.)
  • (The previous VEDIT 5.16 included a 16-bit Windows version for Window 3.1.
  •  It is available upon request to anyone purchasing the current VEDIT 6.1.)
  • An 80386 or better processor.
  • VEDIT works well with minimal memory.
  • 8 Megs of free disk space.

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