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TotalMedia Theatre 5 is a media player that is designed for playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high-definition files on local machines or videos on a UPnP server and online
ArcSoft's Perfect365 is a free photo-editing application that is optimized for retouching, airbrushing, and enhancing portraits and other facial shots

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LotWin Lite is an award winning, feature rich lottery software program with an extensive and unmatched range of techniques to give you that winning ed...
Price: Free
Filesize: 987KB

RCP can be considered as a friendly Excel application for Roulette betting, that uses probabilities and statistical advanced strategies to tell you how to make your next bet on Even Money Chances.
Price: $49.95
Filesize: 4.6MB

Following Roulette Etiquette offers you a valued eBook from which you can learn how following roulette etiquette will make the game more enjoyable for both you and other people involved.
Price: Not availa
Filesize: 1.8MB

Famous Roulette Bets provides you with a valuable eBook from which you can find out about the most stupendous and famous bets made by a variety of Roulette players throughout history.
Price: Not availa
Filesize: 1.8MB

Playing Online Roulette gives you the opportunity to enjoy such a fascinating game in which you can learn some basic information about playing Roulette online in general.
Price: Not availa
Filesize: 1.8MB

Inside and Outside Roulette Bets is well-known as an efficient as well as beneficial eBook for you to learn about the various types of inside and outside bets available within the casino game of Roulette.
Price: Not availa
Filesize: 1.8MB

BidWhist comes to users as an impressive and simple game that offers progressive and standard features, competitive computer players, built in help, glossary, playing instructions, bidding suggestions made by the author all in a fun and exciting format for hours of entertainment and pleasure.
Price: Not availa
Filesize: 3.8MB

Roulette Robber is released as a helpful software system that uses professional winning roulette strategies, which helps you win the "unbeatable roulette" in online casino or real casino.
Price: $49.99
Filesize: 231.1KB

HotSeven is designed as an exciting reels slot machine which contains classic casino symbols like 7, different fruits, star, bar, bell.
Price: $19.24
Filesize: 14.2MB

With Number Lottery Director you can create and manage your own lottery. A lottery contains up to 99 scenes with certain sequence, every scene has its own title, subtitle, picture, music, number group and so on. Random winners are drawn from the number group in each scene, you can set winner quantity and winner columns in each scene, both font and color of winners, title, subtitle can be changed. You can create lottery with different style and make the lottery attractive and effective. A demo lottery is included in the installation package, it will help you learn how to create a lottery.
Price: $179.95
Filesize: 8.49 Mb