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ArcSoft's Perfect365 is a free photo-editing application that is optimized for retouching, airbrushing, and enhancing portraits and other facial shots
Email Password Recovery Master lets users recover email account passwords that have been cached by popular email clients

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D3DGear is a very fast ingame video game recording software for PC, it captures gameplay in HD movie without slowing down video game. D3DGears video game recording performance and quality is superior among other video game recording software.
Price: $32.95
Filesize: 4.38 MB

Universal Game Cheater. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 1.57 MB

Take still and video snapshots of 3D games without sacrificing performance. PlayClaw operates in background and makes use of your CPU's multi-core abilities to record quality action videos without affecting the gameplay or reducing frame rate.
Price: $37.77
Filesize: 13.21 MB

With Reinstall DirectX EZ, all the tools that you may need to diagnose, repair, manage and maintain DirectX on your PC will be at your disposal in an easy-to-use package. Practically every Windows PC nowadays that runs games or video (which is pretty
Price: $19.95
Filesize: 26.08 MB

GameBoost sets the standard for PC gaming and internet optimization software. GameBoost instantly increases the performance of your computer and squeezes out every last bit of performance your
Price: $24.99
Filesize: 3.21 MB

GameThrust is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming and internet speed performance
Price: $24.98
Filesize: 3.24 MB

GameHike is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming performance
Price: $11.99
Filesize: 3.19 MB

One of the first and most comprehensive products, GameGain sets the standard for PC gaming optimization software
Price: $12.99
Filesize: 3.17 MB

A game maker in which you can easily create your own adventures in mythical, medieval settings. Using preset or custom characters, set up worlds in which you control the plot, action, and difficulty
Price: $9.95
Filesize: 1.33 MB

SBWin (formerly SMD BIN WIN) is a SEGA Genesis ROM batch conversion utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports SMD (Super Magic Drive), BIN (Binary), and MD/MGD (Multi Game Doctor) files
Price: $0
Filesize: 2.70 MB