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Photozig Albums Premium 1.0.313


Photozig Albums Premium 1.0.313

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Photozig Albums Premium 1.0.313 Ranking & Summary

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File size: 9.2MB
Platform: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
License: Trial
Price: $39.99
Downloads: 11
Date added: 2010-10-26
Publisher: Photozig, Inc.

Photozig Albums Premium 1.0.313 description

Photozig Albums Premium 1.0.313 is designed as a simple as well as effective tool which helps you copy pictures and video from your digital camera to your computer, organize into albums, and share with your family and friends.

Let Photozig Albums Premium make every picture look perfect with "Quick Fix" option. Slideshows can be created with photos, short videos, and MP3 songs. Integrated backup support protects and archives your digital library. Program has three modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). In Advanced mode, more features are available such as EXIF photo information, advanced sorting and filtering. Photozig Albums includes a uploader to a cool Web site with slideshows, theme skins (Personalize) and web photo manager/editor (Organize).

Major Features:

  1. Transfer
    • Transfer your photos and scan your computer easily
      • Get Photos from Camera, Scanner, Memory Card
      • The "Get Photos and Make Albums" Wizard guides you through all steps to transfer all photos or selected photos from your digital camera or memory card. Photozig Albums can also read photos from scanners or external devices with the TWIN interface.
    • Scan your computer for photos
      • You can let Photozig Albums to search your computer for digital images and automatically index all pictures already stored in your computer. If you tell the program to skip small images you will avoid to have image garbage in your photo collection such as gif buttons, banners, etc. Unlike some other programs, Photozig Albums is smart to save you time, helping you to build a clean digital photo database.
    • Photozig Media Detector
      • When you connect your digital camera or other devices, such as memory cards or external media, Photozig Media Detector will run automatically and help you to transfer your photos (or selected photos) into Photozig Albums.
    • Automatically create single or multiple albums
      • When you transfer photos from external devices such as a digital camera or scan your computer for photos, a single or multiple albums can be automatically generated for you. If you desire multiple albums, Photozig Albums can create several albums in different ways with each album being created for each sub-folder, time period (e.g. year, season, month), or for time gaps. This allows photos to be nicely grouped and organized.
    • Browse Folders for photos
      • You can browse your folders for photos, watch slideshows, and create an album with all or selected photos from a folder. Photos are not copied to save disk space.
    • Copy from other programs seamless
      • Drag and drop from Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer directly into Photozig Albums. Copy from other Windows programs and paste into Photozig Albums (using clipboard). It works like a breeze...
    • Export to other applications in a snap
      • Copy a photo and paste it into other programs easily. Shrink and copy a photo by selecting the desired size and/or ratio. This is a great way to copy an image with the desired dimensions and paste into Microsoft Office programs for example, such as Word, PowerPoint or Outlook.
    • Send to folder or media
      • You can select a single photo (or group of photos) and send the photo(s) to a certain media or folder. You can do it directly when you are looking at a photo or group of photos or use a wizard (to select photos from multiple albums).
  2. Organize
    • Digital Photo Albums
      • Unlike some other programs, instead of traditional folders (or directories), Photozig Albums has a database of digital photos, grouped into photo albums, which speeds up and proved more features to manage your precious shots. Digital photo albums are similar to paper photo albums, and contain photos related to a certain theme or taken in the same time period. By organizing your photos in albums, similar to real life, you avoid the clutter of photos being scattered around different folders or sub-folders. It is so much easier when photos are organized in albums!
    • Automatic album creation
      • When you transfer photos from camera or other devices or scan your computer for photos, albums are automatically created for you.
    • Better organization tools for photo albums
      • Organizing your album collection has never been easy with advanced tools provided by Photozig Albums:
        • Different album views: list, cover, and timeline
        • Different cover album sizes
        • Album preview: shows content (first photos) before opening the album
        • Sort: photo date, album date, name, backup CD, web, and count
        • Filter: dates, tags, favorites, last seen, and album name
    • Quick Find
      • Press the "Quick Find" button in the Albums screen, start typing an album name and a selected list of albums with that name will appear automatically. The list is refined as you type more characters. It is that easy and fast to find an album...
    • All My Photos (Browse, Search and Find a lost photo)
      • As photo albums are created by Photozig Albums (during transfer photos or scan computer), all your photos are "indexed" by the program in a database. By doing this, you can see all your photos in the same screen, allowing you to sort, filter and browse all your photos at once! You can also search and find a particular photo in your whole collection easily by using Quick Find for Photos in All My Photos. As you start to type the photo title or file name, a list of photos will appear automatically, which is refined as you type more characters. You can also use powerful sort/filter features to help you to find a particular photo.
    • Favorite Albums
      • See your favorite photo albums at a glance.
    • Photo Basket
      • Temporary selection of photos from different albums. Useful to apply the same function to photos of different albums at once.
    • Tags
      • Advanced and easy ways to manage your photo tags
    • Photo Organization
      • Different views and sizes: lists and thumbnails
      • Sort: file name, title, date, file size, dimensions, and custom
      • Filter: tags, media type, file name, title, description, date, and dimensions
    • Album Navigator
      • In the Photos screen, you can have the Albums Navigator on a left panel, allowing you to jump from album to album quickly. Album up and down keys also enable you to move to next/previous album easily.
    • Photo Navigator
      • In the Details screen, which shows the full photo, you can have the Photo Thumbnail Navigator in the left panel, so that you can select a particular photo quickly when looking at a full size photo. Photozig Albums provides an unprecedented level of ease of use, efficiency, and speed to view, enhance and organize your photos.
    • Browse Folders
      • In order to help users moving from traditional folder use to organize photos, as you may have already photos in folders, Photozig Albums provides two powerful.
  3. Slideshows
    • Create slideshows with a mouse click and Get the Big Picture
      • You can create slideshows with all photos of an album by clicking on the "Play Slideshow" button. You can also select some photos of an album for a slideshow or always hide selected photos from being shown in slideshows. In addition to the capabilities to show photos, play movies and music in slideshows, you can have transitions, loop and random display. Unlike some other programs, Photozig Albums slideshows always takes advantage of your full screen resolution, so you can sit back and really enjoy your photos, movies and music.
    • Spice it your slideshows with Music
      • Photozig Albums has a built-in Sound Track Manager that allows you to organize your songs for efficient use with slideshows.
    • Moving pictures (short movies) will look good in your slideshows
      • Your slideshows can also play short movies with your sound track in the background. You can combine photos and movies as you wish. Your family and friends will love it!
    • Slideshows in a CD for your loved ones
      • Photozig Albums can burn a CD with your slideshows, so your family and friends can not only get your pictures, but your best slideshow creations with photos, movies and music
    • Slideshows on the Web
      • Every time you send your photos to the web using Photozig Albums, the program automatically creates web pages with built-in photo slideshows!
    • Slideshows with photos from multiple albums
      • You can create slideshows with photos from different albums. A wizard guides you through the process quickly. You can also save these slideshows to enjoy later.
    • Slideshow options
      • Photozig Albums provides a nice set of controls and options for your slideshows including volume control (Up, down, mute), previous/next photo, play/pause, photo display interval, transitions on/off, loop, random and sound track controls.
  4. Edit
    • Mega Zoom, when you need to see the details quickly
      • Photozig Albums has a dazzlingly fast zoom, so you can zoom in or out in a blink of an eye. "Fit to Screen" and "Actual Size" buttons also help you to see the pictures as you want without waiting.
    • Crop
      • Easy and fast cropping with fixed aspect ratio or free operation.
    • Red-eye Buster
      • Efficient and automatic red-eye correction.
    • Quick Fix
      • Automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast for most pictures.
    • Brightness and Contrast
      • Fine adjustment.
    • Rotate
      • Single or multiple photos at the same time.
    • Preserve photo quality
      • Unlike some other programs, Photozig Albums has lossless jpeg photo rotation. This preserves the full quality of your photos when you rotate them.
    • Never lose your original
      • Photozig Albums protects your original photos. Even after editing a photo, you can always go back to the original photo with a mouse click.
    • Full Screen Mode
      • Look at what is important. This view is optimized to show you a single photo with maximum photo detail.
    • Photo title and description
      • For each photo you can enter a title and description. When you send photos to the web, the title and description of photos are also published automatically. If you back up your photos, this information is also saved.
    • How to restore a special photo that has been deleted?
      • Photozig Albums has a built-in " recycle bin"-like feature. If you delete photos, the program will still keep them, in case you change your mind later. Even if you decide to "Remove Deleted Photos" permanently, the photos are placed in the "Windows Recycle Bin", so that you can recover them if desired. This is another level of protection for your cherished memories and lifetime experiences captured in digital images and short movies.
    • Duplicate photo
      • Quick photo duplication (e.g. if you want to have different cropping to show different parts of the same picture).
    • Rename photos
      • Make your files names to mean something. Rename single or multiple photos at the same time.
  5. Share
    • Make photo sharing a breeze
    • Multiple ways, you can choose the one works best for you
      • Photozig Albums helps to you share your best shots in different ways: web, blog, email, screensaver, CD, memory card, etc.
    • Web and Blog
      • Web albums and photo album blogs are automatically created, when Photozig Albums sends your pictures, photo titles/description and album description to the Internet. (Learn more)
    • Email  
      • Your photos can be easily emailed. You can choose the desired size and Photozig will tell you the email size and how much time it will take to send/receive the email with Dial-up or Broadband connections, so that you can avoid sending a bulky email. You can create rich HTML emails with embedded photos or a simple text email with attached photos. You can define groups of people (e.g. family and friends), so that you don't need to enter or select the email addresses of a group of people. You can also import email addresses from Outlook and Outlook Express.
    • Photozig Direct Email
      • Photozig provides an integrated email send service. No difficult email configuration or settings is necessary. You also have the option to let Photozig Albums to prepare email to be sent by Outlook, Outlook Express, SMTP, or MAPI clients, such as Hotmail and Yahoo (needs appropriate MAPI client installation)
    • Screensaver
      • Create a personalized screensaver with your own photos!
    • CD Photos
      • Albums and Slideshows can be burned by Photozig Albums directly in your CD.
    • Wallpaper
      • Show your best photo in the wallpaper of your desktop with a mouse click.
    • Media
      • Copy photos to removable media, such as memory cards to take to stores for printing. You can also copy photos to folders and external drives.
  6. Web / Blog
    • Share online and let your world see your best shots and lifetime experiences
    • Send photos to web and create web photo albums
      • Single albums, multiples albums, selected photos, and images from folders can be sent to the Internet. Photozig Albums automatically creates web photo albums for you. In the sending process, you can sort the photos, choose album cover, name and description.
    • Don't spend the whole night sending photos to the Internet
      • Photozig Albums automatically resizes your photos and send small files to the Internet. Unlike some other web services that send bulk images online, this program takes care of saving your time with small image files, so you don't need to let your computer running the whole daily or evening in order to send pictures to the Internet.
    • Email album link    
      • Photozig Albums has a integrated system to notify your family and friends that your photos are posted on the web. You can enter selected email addresses, define/choose a group of people or import email addresses from Outlook/Outlook Express. A link to your online photos can be sent to your family and friends seamless when you are posting photos to the web. This way will avoid sending bulky emails with attached photos. When your loved ones receive the photos, they just have to click on the link to see your web photo albums or photo album blogs.
    • Blog your life in pictures
      • You can send your photos to the web in a photo album blog format, sharing your most exciting experiences with your family and friends.
    • Web site theme
      • Different themes are available in Photozig Albums. You can choose the best web site theme for your pictures in the web.
    • Photo story
      • Title and descriptions of your photos can be sent to the web in a format of a photo story with titles/descriptions shown with photo thumbnails. It is like telling a short story with a sequence of selected photos.
    • Modify web photo albums after they have been sent to the web
      • Unlike some other web photo sharing, after you sent a photo album to the web (and emailed the link to everybody), you can modify the web album: add or remove photos, change photo title/description, album name/description, web theme, etc.
    • Private Albums
      • You can post private albums online, which are not linked to any page in your home photo album and protected from standard web crawling search robots. Only you, your friends and family that have received a special url link will be able to view your private online photos.
    • Show the Big Picture
      • You can also send 800x600 photos, so that your loved ones can see an image with more details.
    • Free Photozig online service to post photos
      • This service is free and personalized (you can choose the look and feel of each of your albums with web templates). You get your own photo web space at "".
    • Send to your own FTP or local folder
      • If you run a web site, Photozig Album can also send your photos directly to your FTP server. Publishing in a local folder is also supported, so that you can easily use another program to send the generated web pages or post it in a network for Intranet use.
  7. Print
    • Your pictures, your way - fast and hassle-free
    • Multiple Printing
      • Select multiple photos to be printed at once. It is that easy.
    • Save paper
      • Let your Photozig Albums to find the best way to print multiple photos in the same sheet, saving your paper and cartridge ink.
    • Automatic generation of print preview
      • You know what is going to happen.
    • Print photo thumbnails and contact sheets with captions
      • Additional print formats to save time and money.
    • Select different photo sizes
      • You can choose the best aspect ratio and size for your pictures.
    • Standard print controls
      • Paper size, print quality, paper orientation, number of copies.
    • Extra options
      • Add or remove margins between photos and crop photo to fit.
  8. Backup
    • Effortlessly save and protect your cherished memories and special moments
    • Complete Backup
      • Some other programs only allow you to copy photos to CD or media. Photozig Albums provides full backup functionality, keeping track of which albums were backup and saving all photos and photo title/descriptions in backup volumes.
    • Backup to CD
      • Burn CD with backup information directly from Photozig Albums. Fully integrated with Photozig Albums. No need to use another program. Each CD used for backup is indexed by the program, keeping track of which CD has the backup for a particular photo album.
    • Backup to other media
      • Other devices, such as external hard drives, can also be used for backup.
    • Restore
      • Photozig Albums provides a straightforward way to restore your albums. Albums are fully restored with all photos and photo title/descriptions.
  9. Easy
    • Improve the organization and handling of your photos - the easy way
      • Photozig Albums provides a Home screen with the complete process of organizing and handling digital photos. You can click on the each part of the digital photo process and the program will help you to manage and perform all functions required to organize and handle your digital photos in an efficient way.
      • Program levels
      • You can choose the most suitable interface for you.
    • Wizards
      • Step by step.
    • Navigation
      • Previous, Next, and Home buttons, just like a browser.
    • Help
      • Besides providing traditional help, Photozig Albums also gives answers to common questions related to the program screen.
    • Organized controls
      • Controls for the current window. Toolbar with most common operations. "More" button or mouse right-click is context sensitive and show you the right functions for each situation.
    • Smart Update
      • Get the latest software update with a mouse click.


  • Version 1.0.313 has better support for the Smart Update feature for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  • Windows XP
  • Multimedia PC with Pentium 1GHz or higher processor or compatible.
  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended).
  • 100 MB free hard-disk space (500 MB recommended).
  • Internet Explorer 5 or later, and Internet connection (for Online Services).
  • 2X or faster CD-R drive (for making photo CD's or backup).
  • SVGA monitor with 16-bit color and 800 x 600 resolution (minimum).

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