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TotalMedia Theatre 5 is a media player that is designed for playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high-definition files on local machines or videos on a UPnP server and online
Email Password Recovery Master lets users recover email account passwords that have been cached by popular email clients

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This Light version of Tri-CATALOG remember all your CDs, disks, volumes, etc. and save a reduced view of all your pictures
Price: $99.00
Filesize: 2.0M

bring the most popular search engines quickly to your fingertips
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 647k

Search, download & view images
Price: $14.95
Filesize: 640k

Maintain a searchable diary or logbook
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 363k

View, search, copy, delete your HTML documents
Price: $16.43
Filesize: 682k

search Google & other sites directly from the address bar
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 367k

Price: $0.00
Filesize: 12k

research keywords for searches
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 939k

Price: $0.00
Filesize: 443k

Price: $0.00
Filesize: 1.1M