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ArcSoft's Perfect365 is a free photo-editing application that is optimized for retouching, airbrushing, and enhancing portraits and other facial shots
Email Password Recovery Master lets users recover email account passwords that have been cached by popular email clients

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6 skins of different kinds. They change the look and functionality of your phone from standard UIQ to Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2003, and Palm OS 5.
Price: $24.95
Filesize: 4236K

Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. Calcualtor Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 255K

Powerful network enabled shutdown utility.
Price: $25.00
Filesize: 757K

Generate and stores password in a secure encrypted format.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 377K

This super multiple Timer Software will get the job done. 16 fully controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. All this in an easy to read large display with exce
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 1970K

Automatic save and restoration of desktop icons after change screen resolution. Hide icons in your Desktop. Zooming coordinates icons when changing screen resolution. This program will create an unlim
Price: $24.95
Filesize: 838K

Weather4you is a tiny earth that sits on your Windows 95 or NT desktop. In addition to just sitting there it knows the local time and population of several thousand major cities around the world. It a
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 330KB

MicroCalendar is a simple, no-frills calendar. Use it to easily check calendar dates WITHOUT messing up your computers system time OR having to start a giant resource-intensive application like Micros
Price: $9.95
Filesize: 1316K

Icon Arranger is a Shareware utility program that can be used to arrange Mac Desktop Finder icons in their containing windows and clean-up icon placement.
Price: $6.00
Filesize: 592K

With this ActiveX control you can shutdown, poweroff, logoff, restart, put in stand by mode, or hibernate local or remote PCs.
Price: $98.50
Filesize: 757K