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Video Game Screen Savers Software List by Popular

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An interactive screen saver allowing you to try and stop the invading Jovians. The ESC key will interupt the screen saver.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 728K

When the screen saver is running you see an oblique view from one of the corners of the room thats the entrance to Quake. Everything is animated just as it is in the game. Torches flicker, damned soul
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 6,200K

A Direct X screen saver module using sprites from a forthcoming game from us here at King Of The Jungle Ltd.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 521K

Superb screen saver which saves your screen with an exact copy of the original arcade games, Space Invaders or Space Invaders Part II. There is also an option to allow you to actually play the game. S
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 333K

This is a screen saver with loading screens from good old games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Remember those happy days of 8-bit computing.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 800K

A alien shooter game and a screen saver.
Price: $14.95
Filesize: 761K

The StrangeSaver runs Quake, Quake II, Half-Life, QuakeIII or SIN demos or Unreal flybys as screensavers. It requires the appropriate game to run.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 23K

Beautiful fullscreen SNK scans of the game, accompanied by the SNK and Neo-Geo logo.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 1,288K

The JET Invaders screen saver is also an arcade gamesimilar to the classic Space Invaders, but now you and your enemies are all JET guitars and basses! All characters are depicted by the custom, hand-
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 551K

Not only does this nifty screen saver save your monitorbut its a crazy (it might drive you crazy) video gameas well. Try to get all of the bubbles into the pulsating circleas fast as you can, the game
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 2,230K

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