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File size: 49.7 Mb
Platform: Windows
License: Shareware
Price: $227.00
Downloads: 201
Date added: 2009-03-16
Publisher: Idea2 s.c

NewWayService 3.28 description

NewWayService 3.28 is a tool designed for you to easily track and monitor your service calls, problems, requests or work orders whatever your type of business,

Due to its very user-friendly interface, no intense training is required to use it. Very flexible, the work order management software NewWayService adapts itself to your needs whether you are a small or major corporation. 

NewWayService base modules are: work orders, actions and worked/ billed hours, customers and contacts, hour banks, technicians, products and serial numbers, spare parts, appointments and scheduling, work schedules and knowledge base.

Major Features:

  1. Main modules
    • Work Orders
      • The Work orders module is the main module of NewWayService. It allows you to enter all information needed to efficiently follow up your service requests as well as any other kind of request.
      • NewWayService 3 is a software package which can suit various types of companies. A work order can be a repair request for a service company or equipment manufacturer; a support request for a customer service department; an information request within a government or any other type of request, such as requests received in a call center.
      • Since NewWayService can be applied to several sectors of activities, several customization options are offered to you. For example, you can determine your own status, priorities or types of work order, use only the fields you need since several of them are optional, or add new user defined fields to allow the software to adapt to your needs.
    • Appointments and calendar
      • NewWayService gives you complete control of appointment management. Each work order can have one or several appointments and each appointment can have a specific status.
      • The list of work orders can be displayed by work order, by appointment or even graphically via the calendar of appointments. The calendar of appointments instantaneously gives you an overall picture for all technicians.
      • You can modify appointments directly from the calendar. You just have to drag/drop appointments using the mouse or double-click on the appointment to modify it directly. Also, a color indicator will indicate you if there is a schedule conflict for your technician.
      • When entering an appointment on a work order, you can access the calendar of appointments then select a time frame using the mouse. This action will automatically enter the date, time and the technician according to the time frame selected.
      • Since each technician can have a different priority or seniority as well as various specialties or preferences, the order in which the technicians are displayed in the calendar of appointments is automatically adjusted according to the data enterred (customer, products, etc.) in the selected work order. Thus, you can quickly see which is the best technician to be assigned to a specific appointment.
    •  Actions and spare Parts
      • NewWayService allows you to follow each work order effectively by allowing you to enter actions taken. Each action can contain a lot of information, such as a date and time, a description of work done, a technician and a duration.
      • A section named "Service (Billable time)" is available for each action. From this section, you can enter the time billed, which may differ from the real duration of the action, according to various service rates. Service rates can be customized by customer to fit all your needs. From this option, you can also select one or several banks of hours (optional) to debit.
      • A section named "Spare parts" is also available for each action, from which you can enter spare parts used for this specific action.
      • As in most of the other modules contained in NewWayService, user defined fields can be added if needed.
    • Customers (contacts, banks of hour, zones…)
      • NewWayService allows you to fully manage your customer list. Several pieces of information can be entered for each customer and you can even add your own user defined fields if needed.
      • Each customer can have one or several contacts and special notes can be entered, to be automatically displayed when selecting the customer on a work order.
      • A customer can also be a branch of another customer and you can even indicate to automatically always bill work operformed to the parent customer (head office) or to another customer.
      • Your customer list can be entered as to have new customers, or can be imported directly into NewWayService by using the data import/export utility included with the software.
      • If needed, banks of hours can be added for each customer and can be automatically debited when entering actions on your work orders.
      • A zone list (geographical, logical, etc.) can also be entered into the software. Each customer is linked to a zone, and each technician covers one or several of these zones. This makes it easy to select a technician to assign to an appointment .
    •  Products and serial numbers (warranties, contracts)
      • NewWayService allows you to manage your products and/or serial numbers. A serial number represents goods sold (or rented, lent, etc.) and is always linked to a product and a customer.
      • Several pieces of information can be entered for each product or serial number and you can even add user defined fields if needed. Spare parts can be directly linked to each product, which speeds up entering spare parts on work order actions. Serial numbers can hold warranty and/or service contract information.
      • If needed, your product or serial number list can be imported directly into NewWayService by using the data import/export utility included with the software.
    •  Technicians (specialties, schedules, reminders...)
      • NewWayService allows you to manage your technicians and their work schedule. Since NewWayService can be applied to various types of company, even if the term "Technician" is used in the software, a technician is in fact a human resource.
      • A "Priority/Seniority" field, as well as preferences/specialties can be configured for each technician, which will determine the display order in the calendar of appointments. Thus, a quick look will allow you to easily determine which technician is the most qualified for a customer, product or specific job, or has the most seniority.
      • If you activate the NewWayService security, very flexible access rights can be granted per technician or per group.
      • Groups of technicians can also be created to make management of schedules or access rights easier.
      • A reminder option is also available for technicians who want a reminder of their appointments, by e-mail or directly on screen in the NewWayService software.
    • Knowledge base
      • Maintain any information that you want to centralize in one place. For example, maintain a knowledge base of information related to the correction of frequent problems, to assist the support team with future requests. The knowledge base can also be used to gather procedures, FAQ or any other information which you may decide to make available to your users.
      • Each article of the knowledge base can be linked to specific work orders. This is very useful when you consult an article and you want to consult or print the related work orders.
    •  History
      • Transfer work orders that are terminated or no longer needed, to the "History" module. This allows you to have less work orders in the "Work orders" section, and makes them easier to manage.
      • Work orders in the history module can still be consulted, printed or sent by e-mail , the same way as if they were in the current work orders list. A work order that has been transferred to the history module can be transferred back to the work orders section with a simple mouse click.
  2. Customization
    • Forms and reports customization
      • Several models of form used to print work orders are available in NewWayService. Decide of the layout of your forms (information to print, text, fonts, colors, logos, etc.), by customizing them using the powerful reports generator included with the software. You can customize existing forms or create new ones, according to your needs. This also applies to the forms for printing knowledge base articles.
      • More than 100 reports are available with NewWayService and they are also customizable according to your needs, by using the powerful reports generator.
    • E-mail formats customization
      • In addition to allowing you to send your work orders by e-mail, NewWayService allows you to customize their layout. You can customize existing e-mail formats or create new ones.
      • Any information in a work order can be printed in an e-mail. Simply use the drag and drop functions to tell the software which fields you want to add to your e-mail formats.
      • Your e-mails can be in text or html format. You can even choose whether the information will be printed directly in the e-mail body, in a file as attachment or both.
    • User defined fields
      • Customizable fields can be defined in most of the NewWayService modules. These user defined fields are used to enter and manage information specific to your company. Then, you can even use this information and add it to your reports, forms or e-mails.
      • User defined fields can take several forms, such as an edit box, a checkbox, a dropdown list, radio buttons and even a calendar for date or time user defined fields.
      • You can even link user defined fields from one module to another. For example, you could have a "Terms of payment" user defined field in the "Customers" module and also in the "Work orders" module. When adding a new work order, the terms of payment for the customer selected could be directly transferred to the "Terms of payment" field of the work order.
    • Security
      • Complete security can be enabled in NewWayService, if needed. This security allows you to manage all the access rights of all options of the software, as well as more specific access rights for the "Work orders" module. Access rights can be granted per technician or group, according to your needs.
      • If you enable the security, NewWayService will ask you for a technician code and a valid password to be able to access the software.
  3. Utilities included with NewWayService
    • Powerful reports generator
      • A very powerful reports generator is included with NewWayService and allows you to design your own reports (or forms to print work orders and articles from the knowledge base) or customize existing ones with a few clicks of the mouse. All new reports or forms created are automatically available in NewWayService.
      • In addition to allowing you to build customized reports, this reports generator distinguishes itself from other conventional reports generators by including a powerful object-oriented programming language called "RAP" (Report Application Pascal). The RAP programming language allows more experienced users to create more dynamic and advanced reports.
      • Refer to online help to access tutorials to quickly learn how to use the reports generator
    • Data import/export utility
      • A powerful data import/export utility allows you to update NewWayService data from an external data source (import), or update external data from NewWayService's data (export).
      • Using ADO technology, this utility allows you to access most of the databases available on the market. For example, you can access simple files such as dBase, MS Excel or MS Access or sophisticated databases such as Firebird, Oracle or MS SQL.
      • Also, this utility is ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) compatible. So, if you have an ODBC driver to access a specific database, you will be able to access this database by using the data import/export utility.
      • You can write your own scripts (Object Pascal language) to allow you more flexibility when importing or exporting data (ex.: filter records to import or export, concatenate or format fields, etc.).
      • Finally, you can save your import/export parameters for later use or to automatically run your import or export tasks (for example overnight) using a batch file, schedule software or the Windows "Schedule" service.
  4. Useful options
    • Web version
      • A web version of NewWayService 3 is included with the product. This web version is divided in three sections: Technician access, Customer access (New work order) and Customer access (Consult a work order).
      • The "Technician access" will be used if your technicians want, through Internet, consult or print work orders as well as enter actions on work orders.
      • The "Customer (New work order)" access will be used by your customers that want to add their work orders themselves through Internet.
      • The "Customer (Consult a work order)" access will be used by your customers that want to, through Internet, consult and see the evolution (status) of their service requests.
      • The web version of NewWayService 3 is available in the form of a Windows service. This Windows service is a real independent web server that is only used for NewWayService 3. So, you do not need to install a web server on your server to use the web version of NewWayService 3.
    • Events management
      • NewWayService allows you to manage events via the option "Events". This option can be used to notify your technicians or your customers when a new work order was created or when a specific status change occured on an existing work order. This can be very useful to keep your customers or technicians informed.
      • These notifications can be sent by e-mail (to your customers or your technicans) or directly on screen in the NewWayService software (for technicians).
      • Sending e-mails is performed by the Windows service of NewWayService included with NewWayService.
    • Sending work orders by e-mail
      • NewWayService allows you to send work orders by e-mail to your technicians, customers, or any other e-mail address, with a simple mouse click.
      • E-mail formats are completely customizable , according to your needs. You can decide about the information to include in the e-mail. Also, e-mails can be in text or html format.
    • Recursive work orders
      • NewWayService allows you to generate recursive work orders. This option is very useful in several cases, such as preventative maintenance on specific equipments.
      • This option allows you to generate work orders on a regular basis. For example, you could indicate to the software to generate a work order for a specific product and customer every three months.
    • Windows service
      • A program named NewWayService service (Windows service) is now included with NewWayService 3. This service was specifically developed to automate some tasks such as automatically generating recursive work orders, sending e-mails when the status of a work order change ( events ) as well as sending e-mails for technician appointment reminders. This service take care of these tasks even when no user are connected to NewWayService.
    • Inserting documents and common documents
      • You can, at any time, insert documents into your work orders or in most of the NewWayService modules. For example, you can insert a copy of service contracts to each of your customers or insert an instruction manual for maintenance on specific products.
      • When sending work orders by e-mail, you even have the option of inserting work order documents as attached files.
      • NewWayService allows you to have common documents. Indeed, this module is used to manage documents which can be used by more than one item. For example, this option could be useful for a technical sheet which is common to several different products.
    • Pre-defined tasks, periods, taxes calculation…
      • You can set up a list of predefined tasks that you have to use often when adding work orders. Each task can hold information pertaining to the description of work to be done, expected duration and the type of work order. Then select a pre-defined task when adding new work orders.
      • Although optional, periods can be entered into NewWayService. Periods are mainly used to print reports grouped by period/year. This option is very appreciated by those who want to get precise reports according to their fiscal calendar.
      • NewWayService can automatically calculate taxes. Taxes on spare parts can be calculated differently than service taxes. You can even choose tax labels (description) for each tax.
      • Many other useful options are also included with NewWayService
    • Reports and forms
      • A lot of reports are already included with NewWayService such as summary or detailed work order lists, time reports, sales/billing reports, stats reports, miscellaneous lists and more.
      • Several form models to print work orders or articles of the knowledge base are also included with NewWayService.
      • In addition, all reports and forms are customizable according to your needs using the powerful reports generator also included with NewWayService. You can even create new ones if needed. All reports or forms that you customize or create are instantaneously available into NewWayService.
      • All the reports and forms can be exported in a file instead of printed on a printer. File formats that available are: PDF (Adobe Acrobat), HTML, XLS (MS Excel), RTF (MS Word/Other), GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TXT, CSV and more. This functionality is very appreciated by those who want to consult reports from other software such as spreadsheets or word processing, or send reports by e-mail


  • Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.
  • 1 Ghz processor
  • Minimum of 256Mb of RAM.
  • 100 Mb of free disk space
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