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TextPipe Pro 8.2.2

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File size: 5.21 MB
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows
License: Shareware
Price: $395.00
Downloads: 226
Date added: 2008-12-16
Publisher: DataMystic

TextPipe Pro 8.2.2 description

TextPipe Pro 8.2.2 is an industrial strength text transformation workbench for data conversion and mining, electronic publishing and website maintenance. It is trusted by over 1500 customers in 56 countries to:

  • Convert between a variety of mainframe and PC data formats
  • Fix data extracts
  • Extract data from legacy databases
  • Reformat and standardize electronic text and program source code
  • Data Mine Unstructured Mainframe Reports and Online Web Data
  • Split files or join files together
  • Update web sites

TextPipe's unmatched power comes from its arsenal of 100+ manipulation filters, its unique architecture and its tremendous flexibility in combining these filters to suit each task.

  • Make multiple changes to multiple files in just one pass (eg 50 changes across 1 million files)
  • Restrict changes to line or column ranges, Tab or CSV field ranges, lines matching a pattern, inside and between HTML tags and other criteria
  • Fix text or binary files of any size - even files larger than 10 Gigabytes!

TextPipeâ„¢ is a multi-award winning, industrial strength text transformation, conversion, cleansing and extraction workbench.

One tool - One point of maintenance. With TextPipe you specify all your text processing functions in one place, rather than remembering and managing multiple manual jobs across various text editors, command line tools, custom scripts and Word and Excel macros.

What does TextPipe do? TextPipe makes it fast and easy to convert, transform and re-purpose data in text files, including

  • HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
  • Fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc)
  • Unix, Mainframe and PC/Windows end-of-line formats
  • Inside Zip files, and the new Microsoft Office 2007 formats DOCX, XLSX, PPTX , ASCII, ANSI, Unicode and EBCDIC files
  • Security log files from firewalls, web servers etc
  • EDIFACT, HL7, SWIFT and other structured formats
  • Spooled print files
  • Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension

TextPipe also works with binary files, however for Word documents (.doc) see WordPipe, for Excel spreadsheets (.XLS) see ExcelPipe, for PowerPoint presentations (.PPT) see PowerPointPipe and for databases see DataPipe. For mining of web sites using TextPipe, see WebPipe.

Seven Reasons Why TextPipe is Different:

  • TextPipe is exceptionally fast
  • TextPipe handles files of unlimited size, even files larger than 2 Gigabytes! Other applications attempt to load the entire file into memory (grinding your system to a halt).
  • TextPipe's unique restrictions control precisely where changes are made. Restrict to a range of lines or columns, to specific Tab or CSV fields, between HTML/XML tags, and inside custom ranges. Restrictions can be combined, for example, to columns 1-10 of lines matching a pattern. Restrictions are essential for extensive but controlled search and replace
  • TextPipe performs multiple operations simultaneously. Other applications offer only 1, up to 5, or require a slow multi-pass approach
    If TextPipe's 100+ filters don't suit your needs, you can use industry standard VBScript/JScript to write your own. Other applications either don't offer this facility, or force you to learn a proprietary language
  • TextPipe is unique in offering the EasyPattern pattern matching language for those not familiar with text pattern matching (regular expressions). EasyPatterns are English-like and very easy to learn
  • TextPipe can be scheduled for non-interactive use, and can be controlled by an external program. Other applications provide only a mouse interface. 

TextPipe will save you time, frustration and money. It will fix text data, regardless of the number of changes required, the size or number of files, and the complexity of the transformations.

It is trusted by over 1500 customers in 56 countries to:

  • Convert Huge Files Quickly and Easily
  • Data Mine Unstructured Mainframe Reports and Online Web Data
  • Cleanse and Reformat Electronic Text
  • Update Web Sites
  • Perform Data Warehouse ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load) Tasks Extract from Databases to XML, CSV, Tab Split and Join Huge Files
  • Convert Between a Variety of Mainframe, PC and Unicode Data Formats and Encodings
  • Pre-processing training data for SMT (Statistical Machine Translation)
    and 1001 other uses. 

TextPipe provides a single point of maintenance for all your text processing tasks. You learn one tool, rather than learning 4 or more - and their associated languages, command line options, debugging schemes, idiosyncrasies and operating system differences and dependencies. TextPipe is far less costly to learn, use, develop with and maintain than cobbling together multiple generic tools and custom scripts to achieve one end. It's a Swiss army knife combining the best of perl, awk, grep, sed, and many other less common text processing tools. You'll be productive with TextPipe in minutes, not days.

TextPipe's unmatched power comes from its arsenal of 100+ manipulation filters, its unique architecture and its tremendous flexibility in combining these filters to suit each task. Intuitive line, column, field, tag and attribute restrictions make fixing data extracts simple. You can extract and then modify data from databases, in delimited, XML and SQL Insert Script formats. You can roll your own custom filters using industry standard VBScript and JScript. With TextPipe you can create your own conversions, and deploy them for execution at remote sites. A single click merges files (even those larger than 10 GB), another click extracts emails addresses, and another click sorts and removes duplicates. Try doing that with less than 100 lines of code, in less than 10 seconds!

TextPipe can operate on files, the clipboard, or a trial run area with sample data, which is very handy for testing filters. TextPipe provides context menus (right-click menus) on every field to Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear/Select All, escape special characters, insert common patterns, find and replace, and save to and load from a file. Filters can be inserted inside each other, or they can be linked at runtime to other filters, allowing common modules to be reused.

Major Features;


  1. Fix text or binary files of ANY size. Unlike competitor products, TextPipe does not attempt to read the entire file into memory first, so it can process files larger than the amount of memory you have.
  2. Process unlimited files and folders (with exclusion lists and subfolder depth settings), or the Windows clipboard
  3. Unmatched search and replace power. Read more
  4. EasyPattern text matching and perl patterns
  5. Can be scheduled for automated lights-out processing, with audit logs tracking every step
  6. Integrates with Windows Explorer and various third-party tools
  7. Developer API - can be scripted via a COM interface by other programs
    145 Unicode, ANSI, ASCII and single byte and multi-byte conversion functions, and 151 code page conversions
  8. Roll your own custom filters using industry standard JScript and VBScript
  9. Restrict changes to lines, columns, fields, XML and HTML elements and more, eg just lines
  10. 10..30, columns 1-3, CSV fields 4 and 7, Tab-delimited fields 8..10, replacement text etc
  11. Wizard to assemble complex filters
  12. Filters can be exported to the clipboard for documentation purposes and for revision control in external applications. The export includes the hierarchical filter structure, file lists and comments.
  13. Filters can also be exported to the command line, to JScript, VBScript or a web page. This is very handy for automating processing jobs, and for designing customized front ends for TextPipe, making it easier for less technical users.
  14. Uses no temporary files (except for large sorts), so you save massive amounts of hard disk space
  15. Make multiple changes to multiple files in just ONE pass. Successive transforms can be applied in a user-defined order, such as multiple search-replace operations in a row, or an Extract Email Addresses filter followed by a Sort and Remove Duplicates filter etc
  16. Create and modify XML/CSV/Tab/Insert Script database extracts from OLE DB/ODBC databases
  17. No limit on line length. Unlike other products, lines are NOT limited to a fixed length
  18. Test and debug filters without affecting key data
  19. Five part tutorial introduces key concepts
  20. 100+ Transforms
  21. Library of more than 200 example filters you can link to
  22. Ultra-High Speed

Features in Details:

1. Processing Options

Input options:

  • Skip binary files (those with less than 80% readable characters). The user can also be prompted whether to process a binary file or not
  • Prompt before processing each file
  • Prompt before processing read-only files
  • Delete the input files after processing them
  • Include or exclude subfolders (0-9 levels or All)
  • Input from clipboard
  • Input from Trial Run area
  • Generate random input of a given size

Output options:

  • Test mode where output goes to a new file rather than overwriting the original file
  • Backup mode where original files are saved
  • Only output modified files
  • Retain the original file's time and date
  • Append to existing output files
  • Change output file's extension
  • Change output file's folder
  • Clipboard output (all output is merged to the clipboard)
  • Merge all output into one file


  • Logging can overwrite or append to an existing file
  • Logging can be disabled if there is less than a given number of lines

2. Text Manipulation Filters. TextPipe provides a huge range of filters for manipulating text. TextPipe's unmatched power comes from it's unique architecture and its tremendous flexibility in combining and arranging these filters to suit each task.

Filters to convert text:

  • Convert between Unix, PC, Mac and Mainframe end of line and fixed width record formats.
  • Conversion can detect incoming line feeds, and insert new characters such as line feeds between fixed-length records. Invalid End of Line characters can be automatically removed
  • Convert unprintable IBM drawing characters to + and | and -
  • Convert tabs to spaces or spaces to tabs
  • Convert character case to UPPERCASE, lowercase, tOGGLE cASE, Title Case, Sentence case, rANdoM cASE
  • Convert character collating sequence from ASCII to EBCDIC or EBCDIC to ASCII. Expand EBCDIC packed or zoned decimal, compress to EBCDIC packed or zoned decimal. Useful for handling mainframe files
  • Convert ASCII (Windows OEM) to ANSI and ANSI to ASCII. Useful with Windows and non-English languages
  • Convert CSV to Tab-delimited, CSV to XML
  • Convert Tab-delimited to CSV, Tab-delimited to XML
  • Convert text to a word list
  • Convert text to a Hex or Decimal dump (very useful for finding control characters)
  • Convert Word documents to text
  • Perform mathematical functions on characters (useful for custom ciphers)

Unicode functions:

  • Conversions to and from 144 different Unicode formats, as well as ANSI/ASCII and a multitude of other formats
  • Convert Unicode to ANSI and ANSI to Unicode
  • Convert Unicode to ASCII and ASCII to Unicode
  • Swap UTF-16 word order, swap UTF-32 word order
  • Remove Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • Make Big Endian, make Little Endian
  • Compose, Decompose and Normalize functions (NFC, NFD, NFKD, NFKC)

Filters to add text:

  • Add line numbers, with control over the start number and increment, format, numbering of blank lines etc
  • Add left margin to the start of each line (e.g. to add reply quotes to email). The text can optionally come from an external file
  • Add right margin to the end of each line
  • Add header text to the start of each file
  • Add footer text to the end of each file
  • Add a column of text to every line at a specified column position
  • Add bytes to a file at a given position
  • Join two files side by side (repeating or non-repeating)
  • Word wrap text at a specified column width
  • Pad lines out with spaces to a specified column width (useful for generating fixed width records)
  • Truncate lines at a specified column width (useful for generating fixed width records)
  • Centre text in a specified column width
  • Right Justify text in a specified column width Force lines to a specified column width (useful for generating fixed width records)

Filters to remove text:

  • Remove blanks from start of line
  • Remove blanks from end of line
  • Remove blank lines
  • Remove multiple whitespace to a single space (useful for processing web pages)
  • Remove HTML, XML and SGML codes
  • Remove or resolve backspaces
  • Remove a line range
  • Remove lines matching or not matching a pattern
  • Remove lines from a list
  • Remove lines from a list of patterns
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Remove lines or characters from the start or end of the file (like Unix head/tail)
  • Remove columns of text from each line
  • Remove delimited fields (CSV, Tab, Pipe etc)
  • Remove binary characters
  • Remove ANSI escape sequences
  • Remove all (used for its side effects)

Filters for email:

  • Extract email address - for mailing lists, etc
  • Extract URLs and links (for web site spidering)
  • Remove email headers
  • ROT13 encoding/decoding
  • Hex encode/decode
  • MIME Base 64 encode/decode
  • MIME quoted printable encode/decode
  • UUencode/UUdecode
  • XXencode/XXdecode
  • HTTP encode/decode - useful with CGI scripts and web pages

Filters for special tasks:

  • Search and replace - exact match, multi-line, sounds-like, fuzzy match (detects spelling mistakes), binary characters, perl and egrep patterns, MS Word patterns, Brief patterns, find inside HTML tags, find between HTML tags, find between any text. Lists of search/replace pairs can be loaded from Excel, CSV and Tab-delimited files
  • Extract matching text
  • Send text as a SQL command to an OLE DB/ODBC database and receive the results as CSV, fixed width, XML or database insert script, with or without header information (very handy for database extracts)
  • Sort lines. Options include ascending and descending ANSI and ASCII sort, sort by length of line, numeric sort, date/time sorts. The start column and length can now be specified.
  • Handles files of unlimited size
  • Run an external program over the text
  • Run scripts written in VBScript, JScript or any scripting language
  • Comment filters to document the filter
  • Debug filter to show text at each point in the processing
  • Split files at a particular size, or after a particular character has appeared a defined number of times, or after a defined number of lines.
  • Join (merge) files together. e.g. Merge files to the clipboard.
  • Secondary output filters (a Unix T-filter) to output the text at different stages
  • Count duplicates or remove duplicates
  • Retain lines matching or not matching a pattern
  • Retain lines from a list
  • Retain lines from a list of patterns
  • Move columns or delimited fields (CSV, Tab, Pipe etc)
  • Copy columns or delimited fields (CSV, Tab, Pipe etc)
  • Repeat a file (duplicating its text)
  • Randomize line order - randomize lines in file
  • Reverse each line
  • Reverse line order
  • XSLT filter.

Filters to map single characters or Unicode characters to a new string:

  • User-defined mapping. The user can specify a string to be output for each of the 256 possible character codes. Strings can contain embedded control characters. Unicode Maps are also supported.
  • UTF-16 maps
  • UTF-32 maps.

Filters to restrict changes to subsets of text:

  • Restrict matching lines
  • Restrict non-matching lines
  • Restrict each line in turn (used for its side effects)
  • Restrict CSV fields
  • Restrict Tab fields
  • Restrict line range
  • Restrict column range
  • Restrict blocks


  1. New option to allow/prevent processing of files inside
  2. Compressed files such as .ZIP, .DOCX, .XLSX and .PPTX.
  3. Warning dialogs are now suppressed in command-line and COM mode

Requirements: Windows

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