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ArcSoft MediaConverter is a software that can encode between various video formats, including AVI, ASF, 3GP, FLV and MKV
ArcSoft's Perfect365 is a free photo-editing application that is optimized for retouching, airbrushing, and enhancing portraits and other facial shots

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Text Editor is regarded as a convenient as well as simple to use lightweight application that will make writing batch files a snap.
Price: $0
Filesize: 1.1 MB

Jazmin brings an enhanced and advantageous program which filters JavaScript by removing comments and unnecessary whitespace.
Price: $0
Filesize: 54 KB

MultiCode is a functional and sophisticated tool which makes it simple and convenient to edit in several programming languages.
Price: $0
Filesize: 1.5 MB

JSMin provides you with a feature-rich and advanced filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from JavaScript files.
Price: $0
Filesize: 4 KB

StarTrek PowerShell Console offers users with a flexible and convenient to use program considered as an improved version of the default PowerShell Console utility with a look inspired by Star Trek.
Price: $0
Filesize: 1.9 MB

RJ TextEd is designed as a professional and beneficial text and source editor with Unicode support.
Price: $0
Filesize: 29.3 MB

WinHex is described as a handy, smart and effective hexadecimal editor which is particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security.
Price: EUR 37.73
Filesize: 1.8 MB

DRAKON Editor offers users with an effective yet beneficial tool which is designed as a cross-platform editor for DRAKON visual language.
Price: $0
Filesize: 3.7 MB

Delphi IDE Theme Editor offers users with an easy to use yet effective tool which enables you to change the Delphi (Rad Studio) and Lazarus IDE color settings from scratch.
Price: $0
Filesize: 3.5 MB

RJ TextEd is released as an efficient and convenient to use text and source editor with Unicode support.
Price: $0
Filesize: 30.3 MB