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A powerful shell that allows you to perform a number offunctions (Copy, delete, organize, file comment, ZIP, edit Text,view Hex, Jpg, Bmp, Gif etc.) with the maximum ease and speed. Advanced multithre
Price: $29.00
Filesize: 1,000K

Norton Commander like file manager for Windows 95/NT.Besides basic file management capabilities it has veryuseful features: application buttons, built-in unzip, try out facility for Zip files, shows c
Price: $20.00
Filesize: 337K

A new powerful file manager for your Windows 95 or NT.
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 212K

A 32-bit text mode file/directory management utility for Windows NT/98/95. Do not be fooled by the small size of the program! With LOOKWIN you will be able to navigate around your hard disk, do all of
Price: $30.00
Filesize: 82K

Multi-window file manager application that uses the source/target method of copying and moving files. It supports zipping and unzipping as well as viewing and extracting archives and portions therein.
Price: $30.00
Filesize: 1,255K

Very simple. Shows bitmaps, plays CD, MIDI and WAV.Shows .ICO, WMF, EMF, JPG and .GIF(animated also).Displays True Type Fonts by doubleclicking their name.Also displays .EXE,.COM and .DLL-files in som
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 214K

An advanced replacement for the Windows-95 explorerwhich displays image thumbnails instead of icons. A great way to browse your image collection. Supports many special features including drag and drop
Price: $15.00
Filesize: 816K

A 32-bit utility which has two fixed Windows like a well-known file manager for DOS. Copy, Move, Del, Mkdir, Edit commands, including DOS prompt. It also can execute programs, File Find, ZIP options a
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 1,007K

A 32-bit file manager designed especially for users who do not like to use Windows Explorer for day to day file management. In addition to the usual copy, move, and delete functions, File Maven 95 con
Price: $29.00
Filesize: 800K