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RepTool 1.0.1

RepTool 1.0.1

The perfect Report Generating Tool for extensive reports from any database wi... more>> The perfect Report Generating Tool for extensive reports from any database without any software development application, your report, ready within minutes. All the reports can be saved and used or changed over an over. View the report at any location with the RepTool Viewer. RepTool reports can be published to XML format.RepTool includes a Query Builder that enables you to create your own query.RepTool includes a scri`pt editor to create simple scri`pts for your reports. RepTool designer can insert unbound fields, lines, shapes, RTF fields, OLE objects into your reports.Some basic features of RepTool and Screenshots Multiple SQL definition for groups Groups level SQL definition Fields level SQL definition Merging fields to one filed ADO (Active Data Object) connection Direct interface for MS SQL Server? MS Access? Oracle?With ODBC connection, ready for all kinds of database platforms Integrated SQL builder Integrated Script Editor Auto List Member Auto Quick Info Section Menu Add-in functions Royalty free Without any software development programs Source Safe?integration Supplied with samples OCX control included Free RepTool Viewer Splitting text or RTF field - at the end of page, - without any reformatting by contents of the field - and its continuing (i.e. next) page Perfect for preprinted documents - Invoices - Tickets - Application Forms - Offer/Order Forms - Purchase Forms Defaults and options RTF editor included<<less
Download (12.80MB)
Added: 2002-11-19 License: Others Price: $65
GetPix2PC 1.0.1

GetPix2PC 1.0.1

The digital camera enthusiasts tool for hassle-free transferal of images. more>> GetPix2PC... The digital camera enthusiasts tool for hassle-free transferal of images from a digital camera (or card reader) to your PC while giving you the ability to decide where, how and when to store those images.
What is GetPix2PC?
GetPix2PC is an image downloader for Canon digital cameras (although support for a wider range of cameras is immanent in a future release). Its small, quick and feature-rich for just about any operation youd want to perform on your camera images. Among other things it can download images, rotate them and delete them from camera (you can even set it up to do all these things without your direct intervention).
Why Use GetPix2PC?
Safe, fast and hassle-free way to transfer and store your important images from the camera (or device) to your PC
Automatic ability to rename and organize your images in the way YOU see fit
Saves you time locating images from a specific event, date, keyword etc by assigning them recognizably clear filenames and folders
Avoid redundant downloading of duplicate images; GetPix2PC can identify duplicates and only download them a single time. This is particularly useful for when you download from large capacity storage devices etc.
Time saving ability to automatically rotate JPEGs from camera with orientation markers or sensors
Specify download path by using your shooting data
Simplify reorganization of images on your PC
Ability to make entire process automatic so that all you have to do is connect the camera or device to your PC and GetPix2PC will quickly and effectively get all your precious images (and EXIF data) to your PC; where YOU want them
Simple two-step process to get images from the camera/device to your PC
Download (2.09MB)
Added: 2008-09-17 License: Others Price: $24.95
Ektron DMS400 1.1

Ektron DMS400 1.1

With Ektron DMS400, knowledge workers create, collaborate, and manage documents more>> <<less
Download (28.1MB)
Added: 2005-06-13 License: Commercial Price: $11400.00
NetSet 1.2.1

NetSet 1.2.1

Save valuable time by automating your network settings configuration. more>> NetSet saves you valuable time by automating your network setting configuration. Do you connect to more than one network? Are you tired of constantly re-configuring your network settings by hand? NetSet saves you time by configuring your network settings for you. With NetSet, you can change your network settings with a single key press.<<less
Download (1.3MB)
Added: 2007-07-31 License: Commercial Price: $14.95
AnyUnit 1.3.1

AnyUnit 1.3.1

Unit Testing Add-in for Visual Studio more>> AnyUnit is an unit testing environment that allows developers to work with virtually any type of test frameworks, commercial and open source. This release adds VB.NET support, command line test execution, tasklist propagation with test failures, more detailed test runners and a choice to store UT-related information in separate files or directly in solution and projects.<<less
Download (3.47MB)
Added: 2006-02-22 License: Commercial Price: $149.95
PatternMaker 1.0 1.1

PatternMaker 1.0 1.1

powerful PostScript Patterns for InDesign more>> Designed by page layout guru David Blatner, the PatternMaker brings high quality PostScript patterns to InDesign. Fill any frame with one of fifteen patterns, then modify, tweak and reinvent each pattern into unlmited variations! The PatternMaker offers graphic designers a new world of creative possibilities in every pattern.<<less
Download (form)
Added: 2008-11-06 License: Commercial Price: $99.95
PwdDoubleCheck 1.0.1

PwdDoubleCheck 1.0.1

PwdDoubleCheck is a security password auditing system. more>> Developed using Microsoft s internal infrastructure. PwdDoubleCheck is an easy to use application to check the strength of your passwords on Windows based systems. Whether you are a security expert of a large multi-national corporation or a home computer user you should test your computers password strength. Once you have created your security policies, PwdDoubleCheck allows you a way to audit employee compliance and the ability to enforce those policies. By strengthening user logon passwords you protect your network or computer from potential disasters. Administrators who double-check user passwords close off yet another potential hole for others to gain access to your valuable information. Activate a trial version of PwdDoubleCheck by using this product key RGm+7-rW2/B-5Z#Eu-$M6Fh. The trial version has NO time limit.<<less
Download (2.47MB)
Added: 2004-02-23 License: Commercial Price: $150.00
AVSD 1.1

AVSD 1.1

AVSD is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. more>> AVSD is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesnt require using devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created with the help of Microsoft tooling.<<less
Download (438KB)
Added: 2003-07-18 License: Commercial Price: $65.95
ArtisanMX 1.4.1

ArtisanMX 1.4.1

Monitors, records up to 16 cameras in full version or 4 cameras in free version. more>> ArtisanMX is FREE for monitoring up to 4 Intellinet,Sony,Axis, StarDot-tech, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, DLink Network cameras with the possibility to view up to 16 cameras and/or add recording/replay facilities at small additional cost.
ArtisanMX uses a powerful payment system built using the Paypal gateway. The Activation Payment System (APS) allows users to instantly purchase more functionality and automatically add it to the software.
Download (961KB)
Added: 2005-01-23 License: Commercial Price: $29.99
DeskSpace 1.5.1

DeskSpace 1.5.1

Expand your desktop space into 3D. more>> DeskSpace helps you eliminate clutter, become more efficient, and get organized by expanding your desktop space into 3D.<<less
Download (5.5MB)
Added: 2007-09-24 License: Commercial Price: $19.95
RegDb 1.1

RegDb 1.1

RegDb Windows Registry Alternative Configuration Database COM DLL more>> RegDb Windows Registry Alternative Configuration Database COM DLL. Solves problem of Windows Vista registry restrictions. RegDb COM DLL is an alternative to the Windows Registry so programs can have their own configuration database and no longer be dependent on future changes that Microsoft makes. Includes freely distributable Viewer-Editor program, similar to RegEdit.<<less
Download (1.9MB)
Added: 2007-09-13 License: Commercial Price: $150.00
VIMap 1.1

VIMap 1.1

It makes labels for desired points at your photos and pictures more>> - open any picture or photo files - double click at a desired point and enter text, font, colors for a label - drag any labeled point to desired place - apply desired settings for all labels at ones - your original picture files will be not changed, all labels are stored in a small *.map files - you will see all labels again when you open any picture file next time - the picture file formats can be: jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png, wmf, emf<<less
Download (4.6MB)
Added: 2007-11-02 License: Commercial Price: $5.00
PSKbd 1.1

PSKbd 1.1

Easily searchable database of known Photoshops keyboard shortcuts. more>> <<less
Download (3.0MB)
Added: 2003-08-04 License: Commercial Price: $19.95
KoolWizard 1.3.1

KoolWizard 1.3.1

Easy to use Flash animation software for creating animated web pages and banners more>> Designed to let you be productive and get results in minutes, KoolWizard (a lite version of KoolMoves) focuses on Flash animation text and image effects. KoolWizard is ideal for non-professional web designers who do not require the advanced features of KoolMoves. Featuring a wizard-driven user interface, no knowledge of Flash is required to create your Flash animations.<<less
Download (2.6MB)
Added: 2008-04-06 License: Commercial Price: $25.00
PDFWiz 1.1

PDFWiz 1.1

Gnostice PDFWiz is a powerful application to manage and organize PDF documents. more>> <<less
Download (2.1MB)
Added: 2003-12-04 License: Commercial Price: $29.95
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