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Briefile 1.1.3504

Briefile 1.1.3504

Briefile was created to allow someone to control the amount of time. more>> Briefile was created to allow someone to control the amount of time that their data is accessible, with the intention of destroying the data after it is no longer needed. The following slide-shows further explain the features and how the data is protected.
Feature Overview
This slide-show is about the major features of the product. How it works and what you can expect it to do for you.
Download and Install
Creating a Briefile
Opening a Briefile
Emailing a Briefile
Briefile Balance
How Briefile Protects your data
This slide-show is about how Briefile protects your data.
How the data is stored
Cannot Print, Copy, Cut or PrintScreen
Cannot create a Briefile from another
When a Briefile expires
Download (1.09MB)
Added: 2008-05-22 License: Others Price: $11
Bakery Wizard 1.0.5

Bakery Wizard 1.0.5

The perfect software addition to any bakeries or anyone involved in baking! more>>
Create and manage all of your bread batches with this easy interface application. Re-calculate all of your dough ingredients on the fly, plus many more time-saving features, such as a batch cost calculator, save and print features. Aimed mostly at commercial bakeries, Bakery Wizard was designed with the help of real life bakers, with real life bakers in mind. An easily accessible help file along with step by step instructions makes it truly user friendly to anyone.
Download (1530K)
Added: 2001-08-25 License: Freeware Price: $79.00
WinHKI Office 1.02

WinHKI Office 1.02

Finance software for entrepreneur, household and hobby. more>>
Finance software for entrepreneur, household and hobby.
- Balance (in month)
- Receipts - Issues
- Shopping list
- Article management
- Account / Spot
- Typewriter course
- Addresses
- VAT - calculator (to 0 - 100 %)
- Debot
- Open bill receipt
- Open bill issue
- Statistics
- Calories list- and more...
Download (488K)
Added: 2006-12-25 License: Freeware Price: $50.00
Polar Help Desk 4.1

Polar Help Desk 4.1

Web based help desk that tracks incidents, integrates with e-mail and more. more>> Polar Help Desk is a web based solution that helps you organize support department. With its features like incident management, knowledge base, email integration, reports and user friendly interface it helps you manage your support department.
As a value-added help desk solution, it facilitates your organization to distribute service and support delivery for both employees and external customers, while maintaining centralized control.
Key advantages
- Easily deployed and configured
- Extremely short training period enabling seamless introduction of new support staff
- Flexible licensing and pricing models
Your benefit
- Incorporate proven Incident Management process based on ITIL and best practices procedures
- Adjust IT support resources with service delivery to achieve business effectiveness through the efficient use of information systems
- Minimize the adverse business impact of incidents through faster resolution enabled with the automated support processes
- Decrease operational support costs by leveraging incident duplications and repetitive service procedures
- Aligns incident management with your business requirements
- Communication with your customers becomes measurable
- Solve the spam problem by transferring your communication from email to help desk
- Fulfill customer service requests through Service Level Agreement processes
- Achieve consistent service levels
- Improve customer satisfaction - the customer is being informed about each change of the incident status
- Balance required service levels against the service cost
- Increase support staff awareness of both customer expectations and IT service management objectives
Download (9.5MB)
Added: 2008-09-07 License: Commercial Price: $200
AnyForm form software 3.1

AnyForm form software 3.1

With AnyForm form software you fill out, calculate and print out any given paper form exactly, quickly and easily on your PC. more>>
AnyForm form software enables you to fill out, calculate and print out any given paper form exactly, quickly and easily on your PC. The filling out of these forms can be done by hand or by importing data from an ODBC supported Database, like MS Excel, MS Access, Sybase, Oracle, Informix etc.) The procedure is as follows: 1. Scan a template or import a graphic format (jpeg, gif, png, tga or bmp) from an original paper form. 2. Set as many fillable fields on this template as required. 3. Define these fields as numerical, alphanumerical (text) or as date fields. 4. Bind these fields by means of the macro-editor to allow complex calculations or an automatic filling of fields with the same text 4. Based on such a template create a content file by filling out the predefined fields either manually or by importing data from an ODBC supported Database. 5. Print the content of these fields exactly on to the corresponding fields of the original paper form. 6. Alternatively, print the content of these fields together with a copy of the original form on to blank paper.
A fully operative, 30 days limited trial version and countless AnyForm templates for immediate filling (such as IRS-forms 1040, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 5329 and export forms, airway bills etc. can be downloaded for free from
Download (2560K)
Added: 2003-06-09 License: Freeware Price: $99.00
Earthquake in Zipland 1.0

Earthquake in Zipland 1.0

The world s first research based psychological computer game designed to help kids from separated or divorce families cope with the emotional issues that arise from theirnew reality (7-13 year olds) more>>
Moose is living happily on a small paradise island with his parents, the King and Queen of Zipland. The island is held together by a large zipper. Suddenly the earth begins to shake, Moose is thrown to the ground, and before he knows whats going on, a severe earthquake rocks his small paradise and rips the island apart. Moose finds himself on a tiny raft floating in the ocean, full of sadness, guilt and questions: Whats going to happen to him now? How will he be able to get through life like this? And will he ever be able to join the halves of his beloved island back together again? Join Moose on a quest full of adventure and intrigue, help him deal with the multitude of questions and emotions and maybe you can help yourself on the way. The game is an enjoyable, witty and challenging game as well as being theraputic.
Download (53350K)
Added: 2006-08-28 License: Freeware Price: $54.99
Easy-to-Use PDF to Text Converter 1.0

Easy-to-Use PDF to Text Converter 1.0

Manage your PDF files as a plain text! It is easy-to-use, fast, and smart. more>> Smart solution for smart business! Easy-to-Use PDF to Text Converter will 100% do it for you. Simple steps, best results. No third-party software required.
PDF to Text Converter is really an intelligent solution for you! It is easy-to-use, fast, and smart. No doubt, it will do the job! This is a small but powerful tool to convert your PDF file on a mouse click. You do not need Adobe Acrobat software to be previously installed! Simply run and convert!
Easy-to-Use PDF to Text Converter really enhances the quality of your work. Tired of constant edit restrictions of PDF files? Convert any of them into Text format now! Thanks to the Easy-to-Use Converter, this process as simple as never before! Make five simple steps to enjoy the result of powerful file conversion. Do not hesitate to try it right away!
Let your business run more effectively with PDF to Text file Converter! Its easy-to-use approach allows to make fast and high-quality conversion in a minute! You have never experienced something like this! No need for adjusting numerous settings. Make your life easier! Simply run the Converter and enjoy the results. See, your business runs faster.
Download (1.16MB)
Added: 2008-10-31 License: Commercial Price: $11.95
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