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3Dmix Software

Lenticular sheet testing
Price: $0.00
Filesize: 0.98 KB

PSD 3D Converter is intended for 2D to 3D conversion. The program converts a multilayered PSD file to several stereo viewpoints, that are used for lenticular image creating. Take layered Photoshop file to generate any number of views.
Price: $253
Filesize: 3.72 MB

PhotoProjector creates interlaced images for lenticular sheets and barrier-screens. PhotoProjector is designed for combined use with other graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Bas-relief,
Price: $183
Filesize: 2.29 MB

PhotoProjector Easy creates interlaced images for lenticular sheets. PhotoProjectorEasy is simplified version of PhotoProjector
Price: $103
Filesize: 11.73 MB

Bas-relief is intended for 2D to 3D conversion using the depth map. The application opens two images: one is a coloured flat image, the other is its depth map, which shows us what areas are closer to us, and what are more distant.
Price: $103
Filesize: 0.98 KB

StereomorpherPlus is intended for generating new views basing on a stereo pair, that is, in-between and outer views. StereomorpherPlus is intended for 2D to 3D conversion.
Price: $600
Filesize: 2.29 MB

PhotoProjectorPlus is almost the same program as PhotoProjector. The difference is that PhotoProjectorPlus allows to create a larger images
Price: $303
Filesize: 2.29 MB

ViewsAligner is intended for alignment of 3D photo shots (3D views). The program creates the lenticular interlacing image too.
Price: $253
Filesize: 13.35 MB

Lenticular Photo Capture program is designed to control the digital cameras connected to the computer via USB. (Only Canon DSLRs are supported.) NB: Demo version of Lenticular Photo Capture supports up to 4 cameras, and up to 4 frames in sequential
Price: $500
Filesize: 5.47 MB

Lenticular Photo Processor program is designed to align and interlace the frame sets (including obtained by the Lenticular Photo Capture). NB: Demo version of Lenticular Photo Processor proceses up to 4 frames
Price: $300
Filesize: 3.71 MB

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