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Email Business Software
Email Business Software
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Email Business Software Software

ResponseAnalizer detects email addresses of non existing mail accounts and saves them
Price: $49
Filesize: 10.8 MB

ListManger - Sort URL or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge, etc
Price: $59
Filesize: 10.5 MB

A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The queries of search engines is also possible. Email Spider can scan the entire InterNet.
Price: $49.95
Filesize: 10308K

Keep your email lists up to date and remove email addresses which do not exist any longer.
Price: $29.95
Filesize: 10287K

Whether you want to sort URL- or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge and substract unsubscribed lists, our List Manager can do it all! Particularly it stands out by its brilliant fil
Price: $29.95
Filesize: 10220K

Whether you want to send ten or millions of emails, HTML or text, with or without attachments, our Postman manages this for you. You can also define a time scale or limit the sending of the emails.
Price: $39.95
Filesize: 10496K

The URL Collector scans search engines for domain names and saves them. You can use these URLs, to generate email addresses with the EmailGenerator.
Price: $49.95
Filesize: 10784K

The EmailGenerator doesnt only offer you the possibility to generate any possible email address, this program can also check these if they are valid or not. With this software, you generate thousands
Price: $59.95
Filesize: 10309K

Many telephone and yellow pages listings contain hundredthousands of email addresses. Exporting these CDs is usually difficult or even impossible. The EmailExtractor can scan CDs or even complete hard
Price: $29.95
Filesize: 10202K

EmailGenerator Platinum - Generates thousands of valid email addresses within a few minutes.
Price: $159
Filesize: 10.6 MB

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