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Xpert-Timer 2.0.7 Build 617

Xpert-Timer 2.0.7 Build 617

Xpert-Timer is known as an effective project timing software which will help you keep track of the time spent for each and every activity by any or all members of a team. more>>

Xpert-Timer 2.0.7 Build 617 is known as an effective project timing software which will help you keep track of the time spent for each and every activity by any or all members of a team. Xpert-Timer ensures that project, payroll, and tax reports will be complete and accurate in real time. The secret to Xpert-Timer\'s effectiveness is the timebar that floats on your Windows desktop and simplifies the time tracking as well as billing of projects and other tasks. Key Functions are accessible by a single click or the press of a hotkey.

Major Features:

  1. Increase Profits
    • Foresee project time and cost overruns, optimize your workflow and identify your time killers.
  2. Comments on Timestamps
    • Enter a comment to every timestamp you create with Xpert-Timer. Timestamps should not overlap, but even that is possible if you enter the timestamp manually.
  3. Create Manual Entries
    • You can add and edit timestamps manually at any time. This might be interesting if you are not sitting in front of the computer all day.
  4. Print Reports
    • Multiple Reports are included in Xpert-Timer. You can group your timestamps by date, user or projekte and print or export the timesheets. The template is editable, so you can user your own layout.
  5. Individual User Settings
    • Every user in the Xpert-Timer system can setup his own price. You can also set the price for every single project and have Xpert-Timer calculate the correct project cost for you.


  • Bugfix: Detects when Hibernation is aborted
  • Bugfix: Supports US-Letter-Format when printing
  • Bugfix: Project properties - Description did not show
  • Bugfix: Project manager - Manual teimestamp entry now also possible in mode \"See Projects of all users\"
  • New: Project manager - Timestamps and history entries are shown for filtered projects only, if option \"Show times of all projects\" is checked.
  • New: Project manager - Only print timestamps and historie entries entries according to the filter settings.


  • Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7 (32 & 64bit)
Download (12.4MB)
Added: 2010-02-09 License: Trial Price: EUR99.00
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